Vicki E. Murray, Ph.D., is senior fellow in education studies at the Pacific Research Institute in Sacramento. She is co-author with Lance T. Izumi and Rachel S. Chaney of the recent book "Not as Good as You Think: Why the Middle Class Needs School Choice" (San Francisco, CA: Pacific Research Institute, 2007), which was supported by a grant from the Koret Foundation.
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  • Helping Our Troops and Their Families

    Group is lobbying Senate against program that would help military families and their special-needs children.

  • Why Not Expand Successful G.I. Bill Concept to K-12?

    A G.I. Bill of Rights for K-12 students would benefit the whole country.

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    Students in such countries as China, Japan, and former Soviet-bloc countries all enjoy more education options than their U.S. peers.

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