Mr. Bethell, a senior editor at the American Spectator, is author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science," published by Regnery, a HUMAN EVENTS sister company and "The Noblest Triumph: Property and Prosperity through the Ages."
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  • ‘Politically Incorrect’ Series Takes on Darwinism and Intelligent Design

    Jonathan Wells’ masterpiece on theory of evolution

  • Vindication from the Washington Post

    I was intrigued to see the front-page, above-the-fold headline in the Washington Post  on Thursday, April 6: “How AIDS in Africa Was Overstated.” The paper concedes that reliance on data from pre-natal clinics had skewed the data in several countries. | Read More »

  • Bethell in the News

    Articles about my book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science, appear today on ("The Stem Cell Scam") and in The Washington Times ("A Deteriorating Paradigm"). And over the weekend, Patrick J. Buchanan wrote a column discussing the chapters in | Read More »

  • Fraudulent Cloning

    So the great South Korean stem-cell breakthrough of therapeutic cloning turns out to have been a fraud, according to a close collaborator of the principal investigator, Hwang Woo-suk. As I point out in my book, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to | Read More »