Rock legend Ted Nugent is a contributor to Human Events. He is noted for his conservative political views and his vocal pro-hunting and Second Amendment activism. You can also follow Human Events on FACEBOOK. Click Here to Become a Fan:
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  • Happy Mother’s Day

    A good person celebrates Mother’s Day every day. I do.

  • People or Sheeple?

    The lord helps those who help themselves.

  • It Seems a Lot Longer

    Obama’s 1st Hundred Days of Feeding Fedzilla

  • Shall We Texans Secede?

    Tea — and Texas — Stand for Freedom.

  • Let’s Play, Pirates

    We love the freedom of the sea, so on the SS Ted, we do our part to preserve it.

  • Tax Protest at the Alamo

    Join me, Glenn Beck, and military heroes April 15 at the shrine of Texas.

  • Mexico, Don’t Blame Us

    Where do Mexican drug gangs get machine guns? Not here.

  • Obama’s Team of Economic Dope Dealers

    Do not smoke, swallow or inject the economic crack being peddled by Obama and Geithner.

  • Obama’s Katrina

    The economic mess is Obama’s natural disaster, and he’s doing as badly as W did in New Orleans.

  • Mr. President, Don’t Mess With Texas

    From the Alamo to Obama’s budget, Texas leads the way.

  • Fedzilla Goes Quack

    The first rule of medicine is to do no harm to the patient. With Fedzilla as the nation’s doctor, that rule will be tossed aside…

  • The Nuke Answer

    Obama is running toward the wrong energy end-zone.

  • Who’s the Coward Mr. Holder?

    Come now, Mr. Attorney General, lead us in this conversation. Be bold, be brave. Don’t be cowardly. Swing low, sweet chariot.

  • Stop Fedzilla

    Let’s get serious about how our government is spending us to death.

  • Gitmo for Your Freedom Dollar

    Keep Terrorists at Gitmo: it’s a better investment than the "stimulus"

  • Kill This Porkosaurus

    Obama and Pelosi’s trillion-dollar Porkosaurus bill will fail miserably at creating new jobs and reversing our economic kamikaze swan dive.

  • Stop This Man

    Mr. Holder is no friend of freedom, especially the Second Amendment.

  • Just As Guilty

    Madoff is guilty, but Congressmen Chris Dodd and Barney Frank have gotten away with the crime of the century.

  • Nugent for Drug Czar

    Our southern border is a drug war zone, and we are losing the fight.

  • Israel’s Path To Peace

    Peace is not about processes. It’s about winners and losers.