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  • Rush-ing the NFL

    One of Rush’s maxims is that he wants all people to reach their potential by using their God-given talents and skills.

  • Spare The Rod, Destroy America

    A quick search of the internet reveals some very disturbing statistics regarding serious assaults on teachers by violent punks.

  • Peanut Farmer Allergies

    Jimmy Carter is either a racist or an idiot, or both.

  • Moore’s Capitalism Fantasia

    Michael Moore is back with more twisted, cinematic buffoonery.

  • The Soulless Associated Press

    They need to learn the difference between "freedom" and "license"

  • Keep Gaddafi Out of NYC

    No hotel in New York City should house terror sponsor Moammar Gaddafi so close to Ground Zero.

  • Transparent Frauds

    Why is the health care bill written in lawyerglyphics?

  • Pros & Czars

    These czars aren’t guitar players: they are actual bureaucrats with fingers on buttons.

  • Fedzilla-care

    Why does anyone believe the government can deliver healthcare?

  • Michigan on Life Support

    Newt has the right idea to save my beloved Winter Water Blunderland from itself.

  • Barry’s Latest Crisis

    Joe Biden must be chuckling now that the spotlight is on his boss for ‘Professorgate.’

  • Obama, Churchill and Zelaya

    Tell me who you go with and I’ll tell you who you are.

  • Obama & Crew: Excellence Versus Nothing

    With a thin resume, the Secretary of Mistake, and ‘Nobody Messes Up Like Joe’ Biden, can we really expect Obama to understand our economy?

  • Happy Upside-down Day, America

    It’s Independence Day, but only for those of us who refuse to be eaten by Fedzilla.

  • Hell Scare Healthcare

    A prescription from Dr. Nuge that’s healthier for our economy, and for every American.

  • Some Psychos Can’t Be Reached

    Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-Il have threatened to wipe nations off the map because neither respects the Obama administration.

  • The Party of ‘Know,’ Not ‘No’

    Democrats have the right pronunciation but the wrong spelling for their infamous GOP label .

  • Never Forget D-Day

    Those young Americans who stormed Omaha beach 65 years ago accomplished their mission: they saved the world.

  • Memorial Day Remembrance

    We must never forget.

  • Annual NRA Pow-Wow

    Join me in celebrating 138 years of my kind of gun control.