Stephen Gutowski is a conservative blogger who founded and now works for a prominent conservative organization just outside of DC.

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  • Occupy Movement’s Disturbing Reaction to Rape

    Protesters’ bizarrely apathetic responses to sex-assault reports could only be found in anarchists.

  • Frances Fox Piven’s Call to Riot

    In her Messiah College speech, the radical leftist says violence has its place in protest movements.

  • Repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts Would Lower Tax Revenues

    The real-world evidence is irrefutable: The Bush tax structure produces more money for the economy.

  • A Refreshing Event In DC

    VIDEO: Was there drunken laughing and clapping at inappropriate moments? Absolutely!

  • Shirley Sherrod Falsely Sainted by Propagandist Media

    The only way to argue that Shirley Sherrod’s speech was about racial unity is by choosing the good parts while ignoring the bad.

  • Book Review: Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation

    Jason Mattera speaks to my generation in his new book.