Sen. Kyl (Ariz.) is chairman of the U.S. Senate Republican Conference.
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  • Farewell address of Senator Jon Kyl

    Farewell address of Senator Jon Kyl

    “I’m honored to have served for 18 years as Arizona’s 10th Senator. Now it is time to move on…”

  • Reagan’s Greatness

    With the global community rife with economic uncertainty, we must look to Reagan to show us the way.

  • Democrat U.S. Attorney Legislation Ignores Lessons of Past

    Kyl champions alternative amendment to help ensure quality U.S. attorney selection

  • Senate 9/11 Bill Misses the Mark, Ignores Needed Security Measures

    As we continue to face the threat of terrorism, Congress must focus on protecting our nation from future attacks

  • Guantanamo Bay and the War on Terror

    It’s important what the rest of the world thinks of the United States.  But it’s more important that we defend ourselves against terrorists who seek our annihilation.  Much of the criticism of our efforts, both international and domestic, is factually | Read More »

  • Senator Calls on Congress and White House to Protect Troops from International Criminal Court

    America can’t afford to cede authority to corrupt court