Sen. Jim DeMint, a Republican, is the junior senator from South Carolina. He previously served in the U.S. House of Representatives.
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  • Aponte’s Agenda

    Mari Aponte–Obama’s recess appointee to Ambassador to El Salvador–exhibits an agenda that insults the people of Latin America.

  • Time to Curb the NLRB’s Mission Creep

    Congress must act to stop the overreaching National Labor Relations Board from using its muscle to force unions on American workers.

  • Balance or Crumble

    In a HUMAN EVENTS exclusive, Senator Jim DeMint on why we need a balanced budget amendment or suffer the fate of Greece.

  • Finish the Border Fence Now

    Only a fraction of the double-layer border fence is in place.

  • Repeal Mediscam

    Government bureaucrats are now preparing to dictate the terms of our healthcare system.

  • Senator Jim DeMint’s Speech at CPAC

    “The federal government is assaulting almost every sector of our free market economy.”

  • Stirring Up the Grassroots

    It’s time for the grassroots conservatives gathered at CPAC to again lead the fight for the principles of freedom.

  • CPAC 2008: Is the GOP Still Lost?

    Is the GOP Still Lost? The short answer to this question, in my opinion, is “yes.”

  • Semper Fi, Berkeley

    Let’s end earmarks for those who insult our troops.

  • Playing Politics With National Security

    Senate TSA debate shows Democrats willing to pay back unions at expense of national security

  • Fighting for Fiscal Conservatism

    ‘I came to Congress to fight for the future of my country…are you with me?’

  • Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Amnesty Bill

    ‘The wrong message for a nation of laws to send’

  • Democrats Attack to Distract

    Their lack of agenda has them feeding on negativity