S.E. Cupp is author of "Why You're Wrong About the Right," with Brett Joshpe (Simon & Schuster, 2008). She lives in New York City and works for the New York Times.
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  • The False Hopes of Gay America

    Obama’s overtures to the gay community so far are merely ceremonial, easy, and relatively safe.

  • Debate Asks If Bush 43 Is The Worst President In 50 Years

    Bill Kristol and Karl Rove convince audience otherwise …

  • Pirates Now and Then

    The gap between the first two Barbary Wars is a very instructive warning to us.

  • Values Voters Have Died, They Have Risen, They Will Come Again

    Is it that moderate Republicans like McCain consider it unseemly to talk about values?

  • ‘We The Government’?

    How Obama reads the Constitution…

  • So Many Questions, So Little Time Left

    Did undecided voters hear what they needed to in last night’s debate?

  • Hope and Change is Now Doom and Gloom

    One fundamental difference between John McCain and Barack Obama emerged last night: McCain thinks we can, and Obama thinks we can’t

  • Talking is Cheaper than Doing

    All indicators suggest Barack Obama will be in Oxford, Miss. to do what he thinks is most important right now: talk.

  • Is Obama A Socialist? Not if You Ask One

    Even socialists won’t claim Obama …

  • Alaska is the New Kansas

    What’s missing from liberal analysis of Palin is a first-hand sense of what Alaska is about.

  • A Rebel…With a Cause

    Lieberman’s message last night: If you want change in Washington, John McCain is a much better bet than Barack Obama.

  • The Barack Pack

    The Democratic National Convention in Denver was the teen comedy we’d been waiting for all summer.

  • Where is God at the DNC?

    It’s perhaps incredibly anecdotal or incredibly revealing that neither Michelle Obama nor Hillary Clinton highlighted their faith or belief in God. After all, He doesn’t get a vote.

  • First-Hand Knowledge Is Hard to Come By

    Time will tell what Obama learned from his tour, but it’s comforting to know there are soldiers like young Brian Bos, who fully understand “the situation on the ground.”