Roger Hedgecock is a nationally-syndicated talk show host.
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  • The green zone convention

    Today in Tampa, Florida, the Secret Service, commanding the Florida National Guard, local police and sheriff, the Coast Guard, and Florida State troupers, has re-created the Iraq Green Zone.

  • Flex alert madness

    Flex alert madness

    Electricity: Not available when you need it. Skyrocketing price. Delivered by a monopoly company which is regulated by a government agency driven by politics. Recipe for disaster. Sweet.

  • "Chicago Values" Wrecking America

    “Chicago Values” Wrecking America

    If there was a cultural, economic, or political trend taking the country in the wrong direction, Obama and his Chicago Values have accelerated that trend.

  • Napolitano's Nepalis

    Napolitano’s Nepalis

    Terrorist or tourist, Nepali or nuclear weapon expert, Obama has successfully opened the border to all who care, for whatever reason, to come.

  • First they came for the timber industry

    First they came for the timber industry

    Now the radical enviros are after the gold miners of California and Oregon whose small suction dredges have worked gold bearing streams in the mountains for at least the last 50 years.

  • Suppressing the military vote

    Suppressing the military vote

    In the voter fraud versus voter suppression debate, the biggest suppression of the vote, and the most scandalous, has gone virtually unnoticed.

  • When political correctness collides with political correctness…

    What happens when a feminist comes into confrontation with a Muslim?

  • Obama’s war on Arizona

    There is an unceasing propaganda, judicial, and now regulatory war being waged on the state of Arizona.

  • Increase taxes or else!

    “Nice little school system you got there, be a shame if something happened to it.” Taxation by extortion — here’s how it works.

  • Death by government health care

    Before all this becomes the total focus of our attention, let’s step back and consider the first question that should be asked: is Government involvement in your health a good thing?

  • Bullet train madness

    Bullet train madness

    Utopian fantasies rule California politics, which is the only state to accept Obama stimulus money to build a 500 mile “bullet” train between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

  • Sex selection abortion exposed

    Planned Parenthood and the Chinese Communist government are both waging a lethal war on unborn women by promoting abortion based on gender selection.

  • Humans are the natural world, too

    All living organisms on this planet have an impact on all other living organisms. We live in an ecological system that is constantly changing as species interact with each other.

  • Obama doesn’t deserve the student vote

    College costs have been driven up by Obama administration policies, budget shortfalls, union contracts and just plain greed.

  • Liberals vs. Fresh Food

    Nowhere is the madness of Liberal hypocrisy more hilarious than the Liberal War on Fresh Food.

  • Tax the rich, hurt the economy

    On the ballot this year, California Gov. Jerry Brown wants California voters to approve higher income taxes and higher sales taxes even as current high rates are driving jobs and businesses out of the state and reducing, not increasing, state revenues.

  • Change the subject and attack

    When you’re losing an argument, change the subject. When you’re President Obama and you’re losing an argument, change the subject and attack.

  • Say good night, Newt

    Winning is about much more than brilliant verbal parry-and-thrust on a single night in a debate. Winning the presidential nomination is about the long haul.

  • Showdown on health care

    On March 26, the U.S. Supreme Court opens three days or oral argument on whether or not ObamaCare is unconstitutional.

  • Obama is judge, jury and executioner

    Attorney General Eric Holder has now made clear what many long suspected…