Roger Custer is executive director of America's Future Foundation.
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  • Why does Obama despise the rich?

    President Obama, through his policies, is making successful entrepreneurship harder and harder to achieve.

  • Recent ROTC Happenings

    Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) has been in the news lately for several reasons.  First the good news, then the bad, and what students can do about it.     Saint Norbert College in Wisconsin is one of few colleges | Read More »

  • Earth Day Update

    Colleges and universities continue to foster radical environmentalism, as I began to report last year. I find particularly problematic the self-admitted activism movement of ecofeminism that is taking root on campuses. This University of South Carolina syllabus says, "Ecofeminism is | Read More »

  • Learn Conservative Ideas

    Many conservatives (including myself) complain about the state of higher education, the liberal bias, the lack of intellectual diversity, and what we see as a disservice to young people.  But what can we do about it?     Young America’s Foundation | Read More »

  • Ithaca and Intellectual Diversity

    Ithaca College is part of the national dialogue regarding intellectual diversity. Last week, the campus paper ran this editorial in response to the news that Al Franken is coming to campus to broadcast his radio show. Today’s edition of the | Read More »

  • Ithaca Demands More Intellectual Diversity

  • Taliban In, ROTC Out

    Read more here about how Yale accepted a Taliban spokesman but has denied the right to ROTC on campus for many years.

  • YAF on Hannity Radio Show Today

    Jason Mattera will appear on Sean Hannity’s radio show this afternoon at 4 pm EST to discuss the Young America’s Foundation "Dirty Dozen" list of ridiculous college courses.  Kirby Wilbur will be the substitute host today.

  • Jason Mattera on ‘Hannity & Colmes’

    Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Jason Mattera will appear tonight on Hannity & Colmes to discuss the “Dirty Dozen” — a list of the nation’s most ridiculous and superfluous courses, taught in some of the most prestigious universities.     Mattera | Read More »

  • Action on Intellectual Diversity

    Last week, the American Council for Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) released a report titled "Intellectual Diversity: Time for Action."     The report details the group’s findings since the American Council on Education and a consortium of 30 higher education | Read More »

  • Young Conservatives Celebrate Reagan

    Students traveled from far and wide to hear conservative ideas at Young America’s Foundation’s West Coast Leadership Conference, held November 11-12 at Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort in Santa Barbara, Calif. More than 550 young people from 21 states and 114 | Read More »

  • Alumni Fight Back

    I found this interesting website when I was surfing the other day.  It looks like Colgate University alumni and students are successfully questioning the administration’s policies against Greek life and intellectual diversity.  I especially like their questioning of the liberal arts requirement | Read More »

  • Campus Update

    Campuses never fail to bring us outrages and today is no different. At Bucknell University, the words "hunting terrorists" were used to describe Army Major John Krenson but were cited as offensive by the administration.  Students were called aside to learn this information. | Read More »

  • An Interesting Woodward Story

    Last night, I attended a Washington Post Book Club event with Bob Woodward as the speaker.  It was great to hear his story about Deepthroat and about his life as a journalist, but he started off his session in the | Read More »

  • Coulter Cancelled at Harding

    Harding University in Arkansas cancelled Ann Coulter’s upcoming appearance because the university was "concerned about the manner in which she presents her ideas." Inside Higher Ed wrote this piece with more information. It is unfortunate the this top conservative college has decided not | Read More »

  • Call This Passive? No, Just Liberal

    I found this opinion piece from yesterday’s Washington Post interesting.  Village Voice columnist Anya Kamenetz writes about the young progressive movement and how they’re "having some trouble getting the world to pay attention." Yet she answers her own question by stating, "I know | Read More »

  • Parade of Pies and Potty Politics Highlight Campus Outrages

    Young America’s Foundation compiled this list of the top ten most outrageous and ridiculous campus outrages from the 2004-2005 academic year.  This year’s winners include. . . 10. A campus employee at the University of Oregon was told to remove | Read More »

  • Reform Inside Academia

    Elizabeth, Surprisingly, there is some reform taking place inside academia.  Two examples are Brown University and Ithaca College (my alma mater).  A few other campuses also feature a course or two in conservatism, and there are also conservative colleges out there. | Read More »

  • Campus Experience Unchanged

    I recommend this article, which gives an interesting account of Judge Roberts’ time at Harvard and the problems he (and other prominent conservatives) faced in the mid-1970s.  The article speaks of a “small cluster” of conservatives who were a “ridiculed | Read More »

  • Frying the Chickenhawk Argument

    The Left is now pushing the “chickenhawk” argument against those of us who support our troops and the war in Iraq but are not in the Armed Forces.  But this “argument” is easy to fry. Michael Moore and his cronies | Read More »