Mr. Novak was a syndicated columnist and editor of the Evans-Novak Political Report, a political newsletter he founded in 1967 with Rowland Evans. He passed away August 19, 2009. Read tributes to Robert Novak and his legendary work, as well as memories from Novak alumni and the Human Events family.
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  • Visitor From Pakistan

    Yousuf Raza Gilani, prime minister of Pakistan, will lunch with George W. Bush in the White House on Monday, July 28. That will not be merely another of the president’s routine meetings with foreign leaders. As Pakistan’s democratically elected government | Read More »

  • ENPR: Republicans Demoralized But Presidential Race Still Close

    Outlook From the standpoint of morale, enthusiasm, and confidence, the presidential election can be called no contest—Sen. Barack Obama over Sen. John McCain. The Republican candidate has not used the long period since he clinched the nomination to establish an | Read More »

  • Scalia Saving Obama

    After months of claiming insufficient information to express an opinion on the District of Columbia gun law, Barack Obama noted with apparent approval Thursday that the Supreme Court ruled the 32-year ban on handguns "went too far." But what would | Read More »

  • Empty Fed Chairs

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has appealed to Senate Democratic leaders to confirm President Bush’s long-pending nominations to fill two empty chairs as Fed governors, enabling a fully staffed central bank to handle the current financial crisis. He did not | Read More »

  • Two Big Obamacons?

    What is an “Obamacon?” The phrase surfaced in January to describe British Conservatives entranced by Barack Obama. On March 13, the American Spectator broadened the term to cover all “conservative supporters” of the Democratic presidential candidate. Their ranks, though growing, | Read More »

  • A Chance for McCain

    When John McCain met privately with Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin after a political event in the Milwaukee suburbs May 29, the Republican presidential candidate might not have realized that he had just come face to face with an opportunity | Read More »

  • How to Hit Obama

    Leaders of Sen. John McCain’s campaign are looking toward "527s" as their principal means of attacking Sen. Barack Obama because they have been given a green light by McCain. "I can’t be a referee of every spot run on television," | Read More »

  • My Friend and My Source

    A 26-year-old political operative from Buffalo on Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s staff in 1977 was overshadowed by the all-star cast accompanying the newly elected senator to Washington. Not for the last time, Timothy J. Russert surpassed famous contemporaries. His first noteworthy | Read More »

  • ENPR — McCain’s Libertarian Problem and Evangelical Problem

    Outlook The widely expected pivot to the center by Sen. Barack Obama began Tuesday with his Wall Street Journal interview in which he suggested he might cut the corporate tax rate. That contradicted everything the Democratic candidate had previously said | Read More »

  • The Fed Doesn’t Raise

    Speculation that the Federal Reserve is about to begin inflation-fighting interest rate increases appears to be dead wrong. Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke is worried more about runaway oil prices contracting the global economy than inflating it with a wage-cost | Read More »

  • Biden for VP?

  • Decline of the Senate

    Sen. Arlen Specter, at age 78 suffering from cancer, was feeling miserable Monday following chemotherapy the previous Friday. But believing the best antidote was hard work, Specter took the Senate floor with a speech different in kind from the partisan | Read More »

  • ENPR: Senate Outlook: Four-Seat Democratic Gain

    Outlook We cannot find anyone in Democratic ranks who honestly feels there is any chance that Sen. Hillary Clinton will become Sen. Barack Obama’s running mate. There are Democrats who feel for that reason that it would be a good | Read More »

  • McCain’s Evangelical Problem

    Shortcomings by John McCain’s campaign in the art of politics are alienating two organizations of Christian conservatives. James Dobson’s Focus on the Family is estranged following the failure of Dobson and McCain to talk out their differences. Evangelicals who follow | Read More »

  • A McCain Mistake

    Sen. John McCain had just begun his speech from Kenner, La., on the year’s last primary election night when distraught Republicans began e-mailing each other this message: Is it possible at this late hour for our presidential candidate to learn | Read More »

  • Hillary’s Latest Provocation

    Just when it seemed on the last Tuesday of the presidential primary season that Hillary Clinton would bow to the inevitable, she enraged Democrats who expected her to start strengthening Barack Obama as nominee. During a conference call between Clinton | Read More »

  • ENPR:Failure to Deliver

    Outlook It would be difficult to exaggerate the anger among Sen. Barack Obama‘s supporters over Sen. Hillary Clinton‘s failure to deliver a concession speech Tuesday after Obama clinched the nomination, plus her bid for a place on the ticket. The | Read More »

  • McClellan on Plame

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — In Scott McClellan’s purported tell-all memoir of his trials as President George W. Bush’s press secretary, he virtually ignores Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage’s role leaking to me Valerie Plame’s identity as a CIA employee. That | Read More »

  • McClellan’s Revenge

    Republican insiders see the bitter criticism in Scott McClellan’s memoir, “What Happened,” as a payback for his abrupt firing as White House press secretary in the spring of 2006. McClellan’s book makes it clear he did not like it when | Read More »

  • Hillary Agonistes

    When Hillary Clinton last Friday said, "We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June (1968) in California," she was not saying anything she had not publicly declared earlier. Yet, those words detonated a politically critical mass, raising among Democrats | Read More »