Mr. Novak was a syndicated columnist and editor of the Evans-Novak Political Report, a political newsletter he founded in 1967 with Rowland Evans. He passed away August 19, 2009. Read tributes to Robert Novak and his legendary work, as well as memories from Novak alumni and the Human Events family.
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    Dear Reader, As you may have read in the Evans-Novak Political Report, my recent health issues have forced me to give up active participation in the newsletter. Thankfully, my gifted deputy, Tim Carney, has ably filled the void for the | Read More »

  • No Mandate for Obama and No Lopsided Congress

  • An Illegitimate Baby: A Blessing or a Punishment?

    WASHINGTON — Not until 30 minutes had elapsed in the third and last presidential debate Wednesday night did the national candidates turn their attention to abortion — the country’s most explosive social issue, which divides millions of Americans. What makes | Read More »

  • What is a “Loophole”?

  • Book of the Year

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — As I perused Sunday’s New York Times best-seller list, I wondered whether it might be topped by the newly published "The World Is Curved: Hidden Dangers to the Global Economy — The Mortgage Crisis Was Only the | Read More »

  • My Brain Tumor

  • McCain Comes Through

    Partisan Democrats and many members of the news media consider John McCain’s choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate a terrible mistake. But McCain need not worry about their criticism. His unexpected selection satisfied the people he | Read More »

  • Avoiding a Lieberman Disaster

    Reports of strong support within John McCain’s presidential campaign for Independent Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman as the Republican candidate for vice president are not a fairy tale. Influential McCain backers, plus McCain himself, would pick the pro-choice liberal from Connecticut | Read More »

  • Can McCain Back in Again?

    WASHINGTON — In the contest for president, Barack Obama is a magnetic candidate supported by a disciplined, well-organized campaign. John McCain seems wooden, with a campaign that appears to be in shambles. Yet Obama’s lead in the polls over McCain | Read More »

  • Romney’s Value

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — The principal reason why former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has climbed to the top of Sen. John McCain’s practical wish list for vice president is the possibility that he could bring Michigan’s 17 electoral votes to the | Read More »

  • The Soldier Voting Scandal

    Rep. Roy Blunt, the House Republican whip, on July 8 introduced a resolution demanding that the Defense Department better enable U.S. military personnel overseas to vote in the November elections. That act was followed by silence. Democrats normally leap on | Read More »

  • Obama Scores Overseas

    Outlook The Afghanistan-Iraq segment of Sen. Barack Obama‘s foreign trip was an unqualified success. He committed no blunder as Republicans had hoped he would, and had the good luck to play into the Iraqi government’s negotiations for a U.S. treaty—making | Read More »

  • Obama’s Iraq Spotlight

    I asked one of the Republican Party’s smartest, most candid heavy hitters this week whether John McCain really has a chance to defeat Barack Obama in this season of Republican discontent. "No, if the campaign is about McCain," he replied. | Read More »

  • Cost of Cronyism

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — As financial storm signals appeared the last 18 months, there were Bush officials who urged drastic reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But, according to internal government sources, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson objected because it would | Read More »

  • New Electoral College Analysis: Obama 273, McCain 265

    Outlook The precarious state of the economy has eclipsed the presidential election as the principal topic of conversation among politicians in Washington. The shaky condition of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (see below) shows how far the subprime crisis goes | Read More »

  • Oil Paranoia

    WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, back from the Fourth of July break, last week delivered a typical harangue on Republican obstructionism and Democratic virtue that included a promise: By week’s end, he would show Republicans his proposal to | Read More »

  • Goodbye, Joe?

    Despite assurances to the contrary from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democratic insiders are certain Sen. Joseph Lieberman next year will be kicked out of the party’s caucus and lose his Senate chairmanship if he addresses the Republican National Convention | Read More »

  • An ‘Underwhelming’ Nominee

    "I would say he was pretty underwhelming," said Lawyer Gus several days after he and some 200 other big-money supporters of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign met with the victor, Barack Obama, in Washington on June 26. Lawyer Gus is | Read More »

  • No Permanent GOP Minority

     WASHINGTON, D.C. — When House Republican leaders left Washington for their Fourth of July break, they felt good about outwitting the Democratic majority. The feeling was not reciprocated 3,000 miles away, where conservative California Republican activists were drafting an ultimatum. | Read More »

  • Gen. Clark’s Attack