Congressman Ted Poe represents the 2nd Congressional District of Texas. Rep. Poe recently introduced the National Guard Border Enforcement Act that will authorize the Secretary of Defense to make 10,000 armed National Guard troops available upon request from a U.S. Governor. Rep. Poe serves on the House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Border Security; Executive Member of the Immigration Reform Caucus; and recognized nationally as a leading advocate for border security. Prior to serving in Congress, Poe was a prosecutor and judge in Houston, Texas for 30 years.
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  • Border Security: Missing in Action

    Our own government spends more time worrying about the rights of those illegally in our country than they do of our own citizens.

  • Ground Zero Mosque or Monument?

    The history books show ‘victory mosques’ have been consecrated or constructed by the Muslim community on or near locations of conquest.

  • Kagan Unqualified To Be on Court

    Rep. Ted Poe remarks that Elena Kagan is extremely unqualified to be sit on the high court in a HUMAN EVENTS exclusive.

  • It’s Wrong to Blame Arizona

    When I questioned Eric Holder, he admitted he had not read the Arizona immigration law yet claimed it was unconstitutional.

  • Another Great Healthcare Charade

    These days, "bipartisanship" means anyone who disagrees with the president gives in.

  • Halloween Healthcare: Trick or Treat?

    It will be a treat for the special interest groups, but it’s a trick on the American people, especially the seniors.

  • As Congress Adjourns, Southern Border Remains Open for Illegal Entry

    Government has voiced empty words on security

  • Requests Presidential Pardon for Border Agents