Congressman Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, represents the 1st District of Wisconsin.
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  • Paul Ryan: Walker believes in our founding principles

    Paul Ryan: Walker believes in our founding principles

    “Scott has spent years working to reform government—to make it smarter, simpler, and better. And I know he won’t quit now.” – Rep. Paul Ryan

  • The GOP budget and America’s future

    The president’s budget gives more power to bureaucrats, takes more from taxpayers to fuel the expansion of government, and commits our nation to a future of debt and decline.

  • America deserves a choice

    The full text of Rep. Paul Ryan’s Thursday evening CPAC speech.

  • Extend All the Bush Tax Cuts

    The "do-nothing" strategy to raise upper-level taxes can’t reduce the deficit.

  • Obama: One Year and $1.8 Trillion Later

    An unhappy economic anniversary of President Obama’s inauguration.

  • A Clear Choice: Why the Federal Budget Matters

    No other document, no other legislative vehicle, comes closer to embracing the government’s comprehensive vision for America than the budget.

  • Contrasting Budgets Highlight Competing Visions

    House Republicans and Democrats agree on one thing: Congress can and must balance the federal budget over the next five years.  Where our approaches diverge sharply is how we go about reaching this shared goal.   Last week, as the | Read More »