Congressman Lamar Smith represents the 21st District of Texas. He is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.
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  • Obama Must Challenge Utah Immigration Law

    The administration reveals its obvious anti-enforcement agenda by ignoring this unconstitutional guest worker program after suing Arizona over a lawful crackdown on illegal immigration.

  • Obama Sues Arizona, Gives Sanctuary to Lawbreakers

    The Obama Administration is overlooking law-breaking by sanctuary cities while suing Arizona for its immigration law.

  • Journalist Comments Reveal Liberal Media Bias

    The news most Americans get is passed through a liberal prism.

  • Amnesty Pushers Concoct Six Straw Men

    Dispelling the amnesty myths spread by special interest groups…

  • Napolitano Poor on Immigration and Border Security

    Napolitano may sound pro-enforcement, but her record threatens American workers.

  • Immigration: Many Questions, A Few Answers

    Immigration has become the most controversial, complex, and sensitive subject we face today. To ensure that any action we take on immigration policy is in our national interest, we need to approach the subject with reason and facts

  • The Immigration Story That’s Not Written

    Media have greatly skewed coverage of this issue