Mr. Sprigg is Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council.
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  • Which Sex Position Will Your Kid Learn?

    “My 5-year-old girl has no need to understand the scrotum or testicles at this point.”

  • A Parent’s Nightmare

    This is not the plot for a Hollywood thriller. This nightmare scenario is the real-life situation…

  • Sarah Palin’s Amazing Grace

    Where the liberals went wrong with pro-life Palin … A HUMAN EVENTS exclusive by the vice president for policy at the Family Research Council.

  • Good News About Adoptive Parents — But Not About Same-Sex Couples

    What scholars find and what scholars say don’t always match. In six years of reading research on sexuality and family structure, I’ve found numerous examples of that truth. Another came to light recently with the release of a study of | Read More »

  • Why Did Hagel Vanish for Marriage Vote?

    Neb. upends ‘conventional wisdom’ on amendment