Peter Huessy is President of GeoStrategic Analysis of Potomac, Maryland.
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  • Smart defense investments now will pay dividends in the future

    Smart defense investments now will pay dividends in the future

    Op-ed: With defense budgets declining and America resetting its security strategy, many may think it’s counterintuitive to support new defense and homeland security technologies.

  • Proper funding key to ensuring first line of missile defense

    Russia is demanding the U.S. stop building missile defenses in Europe, just as it simultaneously helps Iran build the very rockets that hold NATO at risk.

  • Stop Start?

    The new START treaty has become a proxy for debates on other related issues.

  • Obama’s Nuclear Cuts Could Prove Dangerous

    The new START treaty leaves unsettled the question of the huge Russian advantage in nuclear weapons.

  • New START Treaty Not a Big Deal

    President Bush made more significant cuts in nuclear warheads in 2002 treaty with Russia.

  • What North Korea Gained

    The U.N.’s follow-up to the North Korea situation simply takes us back to square one.

  • Greenbacks, Gas and Guns

    The Great Depression was preceded by a dramatic rise in taxes and spending, which is what Obama’s plan calls for.

  • Unwilling to Defend America

    For a quarter century, Sen. Joe Biden has opposed the strengthening of America’s national security at every turn.

  • Learning on the Job: Is Obama a ‘Risky Fellow?’

    It has become fashionable on the substance of foreign policy to believe that what you don’t know, you can learn.

  • Obama’s Missile-Sized Conflict

    Blaming America first and failing to answer legitimate questions demonstrate Obama’s monumental downfalls in this area.

  • Kerry and the Nuclear Utopians

    The incremental steps Kerry proposes regarding nuclear weapons would lead the US and its allies over a national security cliff.

  • Will Europe Allow Missile Defense?

    Two top national security leaders warn that Europe’s plans are critical to US security.

  • Bush Team Didn’t Skew Intel

    Bush Administration Statements on Saddam’s connections to terrorism generally substantiated by intelligence community

  • Obama’s Misguided Foreign Policy Aspirations

    He does not emulate succesful policy of the past.

  • Space Arms Race?

    The U.S. must keep up in the nuclear terrorism game.

  • Will the Adolescent Political Reality Grow Up?

    Unwilling to face reality, we have retreated to bumper stickers and slogans, conspiracy theories and as Ambassador Kirkpatrick warned a political reality "beyond the reach of facts"

  • The Clinton Record on Protecting America

    Hillary’s running on a bad record for fighting terrorism and upholding national security — here’s the proof

  • Carbon Cap and Trade

    Global warming alarmists are now pushing a scheme that will transfer money to the rich from the poor, dramatically increase energy prices, increase taxes, cause actual harm to the environment, eliminate Americans jobs and assist America’s strategic adversaries to build more energy production facilities.