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  • Putin: Friend or Foe in Syria?

    Putin: Friend or Foe in Syria?

    What Vladimir Putin is up to in Syria makes far more sense than what Barack Obama and John Kerry appear to be up to in Syria. The Russians are flying transports bringing tanks and troops to an air base near the coastal city of Latakia to create a supply chain to provide a steady flow of weapons and munitions to the Syrian army.

  • Purging America's Heroes

    Purging America’s Heroes

    With that kumbayah moment at the Capitol in South Carolina, when the Battle Flag of the Confederacy was lowered forever to the cheers and tears of all, a purgation of the detestable relics of evil that permeate American public life began.

  • Kim Davis vs. Judicial Tyranny

    Kim Davis vs. Judicial Tyranny

    “If the law supposes that, the law is a ass — a idiot.” Charles Dickens gave that line to Mr. Bumble in “Oliver Twist.” And it sums up the judgment of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis about the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision, which said the 14th Amendment guarantees same-sex couples the right to marry.

  • Do Cops' Lives Matter to Obama?

    Do Cops’ Lives Matter to Obama?

    Barack Obama, as chief law enforcement officer of the United States, is going to have to stop acting like a conscientious objector in this war on cops.

  • Can the GOP Deal With Iran?

    Can the GOP Deal With Iran?

    Ten weeks before the first U.S.-Soviet summit ever held in Moscow, in May 1972, North Vietnam, with Soviet-supplied armor and artillery, crossed the DMZ in an all-out offensive to overrun the South.

  • Dis-Integrating America

    Dis-Integrating America

    The Wednesday morning murders of 24-year-old Roanoke TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were a racist atrocity, a hate crime. Were they not white, they would be alive today.

  • Is Trumpism the New Nationalism?

    Is Trumpism the New Nationalism?

    Whatever becomes of Trump the candidate, Trumpism, i.e., economic and foreign policy nationalism, appears ascendant.

  • Hillary: Nominee or Indictee?

    Hillary: Nominee or Indictee?

    While perhaps too early for Democratic elites to panic and begin bailing out on Hillary Clinton’s campaign as a doomed vessel, they would be well advised not to miss any of the lifeboat drills.

  • Immigration -- Issue of the Century

    Immigration — Issue of the Century

    “Trump’s immigration proposals are as dangerous as they are stunning,” railed amnesty activist Frank Sharry.

  • GOP Elites Call for Purge of Trump

    GOP Elites Call for Purge of Trump

    In the Cleveland debate, Donald Trump refused to commit to support whomever the Republican Party nominates in 2016.

  • Taking Down The Donald

    Taking Down The Donald

    If his Republican opponents will not take down Donald Trump, Fox News will not only show them how it is done. Fox News will do the job for them.

  • Obama v. Bibi -- Fight to the Finish

    Obama v. Bibi — Fight to the Finish

    In his desperation to sink the Iran nuclear deal, Bibi Netanyahu is taking a hellish gamble.

  • The Plot to Destroy Nixon

    The Plot to Destroy Nixon

    In his new biography “Being Nixon: A Man Divided,” Evan Thomas concedes a point. Richard Nixon, he writes, “was not paranoid; the press and the ‘Georgetown set’ really were out to get him.”

  • Now the Turks Are All In

    Now the Turks Are All In

    All through the Cold War, the Turks were among America’s most reliable allies.

  • Could Trump Win?

    Could Trump Win?

    The American political class has failed the country, and should be fired. That is the clearest message from the summer surge of Bernie Sanders and the remarkable rise of Donald Trump.

  • A New Dark Age

    A New Dark Age

    “If God does not exist, then everything is permissible.” Ivan Karamazov’s insight came to mind while watching the video of Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood describe, as she sipped wine and tasted a salad, how she harvests the organs of | Read More »

  • Is Capitalism Diabolic?

    Is Capitalism Diabolic?

    On arrival in La Paz, Pope Francis was presented by Bolivian President Evo Morales with a wooden crucifix carved in the form of a hammer and sickle, the symbol of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Fidel.

  • A Coming Era of Civil Disobedience?

    A Coming Era of Civil Disobedience?

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court, in a 7-2 decision, has ordered a monument of the Ten Commandments removed from the Capitol.

  • Trump and the GOP Border War

    Trump and the GOP Border War

    In the 2016 race, June belonged to two outsiders who could not be more dissimilar.

  • Europe's Real Existential Crisis

    Europe’s Real Existential Crisis

    However the Greek crisis ends, whether with Athens leaving the eurozone, or submitting and accepting austerity at the dictates of its creditors, the European Union appears headed for an existential crisis.