Mr. Lewis has managed political campaigns and served as director of grassroots for the Leadership Institute, as well as political director for GOPAC. In 2002, Campaigns & Elections magazine selected him as a "Rising Star of Politics." He is the author of "Teaching Elephants to Talk." His blog can be read at


  • Happy Memorial Day!

    Here are a few stories of note, today: There is an article in the Washington Post about how CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is moving to the left. That’s the substantive angle of the article, but this excerpt is what caught | Read More »

  • Should Voters ‘Phone It In’?

    A column in today’s Washington Post asks: Should we pick presidents the way we pick the American Idol (via phone)? Personally, I should hope not. My take: If a person can’t motivate themselves to go to the polls, then perhaps, | Read More »

  • Blackwell Splits the Democrat Coalition

    Writing in the Akron Beacon Journal, Steve Hoffman says Ken Blackwell can split the traditional Democrat coalition by garnering the support of Black voters. "The irony for Strickland, who comes from the 6th U.S. House District in Appalachia, is that | Read More »

  • Bill Pascoe’s Blog

    As a movement conservative, you can count on me to tell you about competing sites. As such, I’m recommending you check out the blog of a fellow Republican: Bill Pascoe. … According to National Journal‘s “On Call” blog, Pascoe has: | Read More »

  • ‘Vlog’: The New Campaign Video Blog

    Enough Ned Lamont. On the Republican side, I like this Dick DeVos ad, titled: "Stay With Us." As the Detroit News writes: "The ad is based on a vlog, or video blog, that is featured each week on the DeVos | Read More »

  • Drawing Conclusions

    Today, writing in Roll Call, David Winston has a stinging retribution of Richard Viguerie’s Washington Post opinion piece: "Bush’s Base Betrayal." Right off the bat, Winston asks, "how can Viguerie expect to be taken seriously when he advocates a strategy that | Read More »

  • From Net-Roots to Grassroots Campaigning

    Last week, I posted the Ned Lamont TV ads and praised them for being "pretty darn creative." I received a lot of flak for that. Some people felt they weren’t serious enough. Others felt they did not utilize emotion. The | Read More »

  • Al Gore is Back

    The reports of his bearded demise were premature, it seems. Al Gore is back in vogue. In truth, his potential political resurrection isn’t really a surprise to me (Nixon had nine lives, too). And, in truth, I don’t expect Gore-mania | Read More »

  • GOP Campaigners Can’t Lose Sight of Ethics

    Three RNC operatives have been found guilty of criminally violating federal communications law for their participation in jamming the Democrats’ phone lines in New Hampshire in 2002. On the surface, the plan sounded like good old fashioned Lee Atwater "Hardball" | Read More »

  • Snow Actually Gets It

    There is a saying that real diplomacy is telling someone to "go to hell" — and having them look forward to the trip! This is a skill that Tony Snow has, and Scott McClellan, doesn’t. McClellan could never get them | Read More »

  • Tony Snow Has What It Takes

    Today was Tony Snow‘s first White House briefing. You could tell immediately that his stage presence was better than Scott McClellan’s. It was also a nice touch that he talked about his personal battle with cancer. If nothing else, it | Read More »

  • The Great Delegator Meets an MBA President

    When it comes to managing and motivating people, I’m a fan of the Reagan model. In fact, some have called Reagan, “The Great Delegator.” Recently, I was teaching this principle (as it relates to motivating campaign volunteers) and a student | Read More »

  • Barry Bond Controversy Bigger Than Baseball?

  • Campaign Training in Texas

    If you’re a Republican who is planning on being in the San Antonio area on June 1, I wanted to encourage you to attend our campaign training at the TX GOP Convention. (Here is a PDF flier with the details). | Read More »

  • Who on Right Has Right to Criticize Bush?

    It took long enough, but the media is finally talking about conservative dissatisfaction with the Bush Administration. But my question is: Who on the Right — has the right — to criticize? As far as I can tell, fiscal conservatives, | Read More »

  • Congressman Says Bumper Sticker = $250 Ad

    Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, (R.-Md.), puts a lot of stock in the power of bumper stickers. According to the Frederick News Post, he is encouraging supporters of Scott Rolle’s attorney general campaign in Maryland to put a bumper sticker on their | Read More »

  • In Politics, Anything Can Happen — Even in Nebraska

    Anyone who knows Nebraska — and Nebraska football — knows how unbelievable this is. Tom Osborne led the University of Nebraska to three national championships. He had never received less than 82 percent of the vote in his winning races. | Read More »

  • The Year of the Black Republican?

    The Washington Post has a big front-page story today, titled: "The Year of the Black Republican?" It begins: COLUMBUS, Ohio — When J. Kenneth Blackwell took the stage here on May 2 to claim the Republican nomination for governor, he | Read More »

  • Democrats’ Predictions of Victory Defy Traditional Political Wisdom

    More and more Democrat leaders are predicting they will take control of the House of Representatives, this November. These brazen pronouncements seem to defy traditional political wisdom; typically it is smarter politics to lower expectations — not to raise them. | Read More »

  • Patrick Kennedy Has Nothing to Fear

    Earlier this week, The Fix somewhat quixotically asked if Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s controversial car crash puts his congressional seat in jeopardy. But as David Fahrenthold writes in today’s Post, frankly, the voters in Rhode Island don’t care about the scandal. | Read More »