Mr. Olasky is editor in chief of World magazine and a professor at The University of Texas. He is also author of three books: "The American Leadership Tradition: Moral Vision from Washington to Clinton,""The Religions Next Door" and (with John Perry) "Monkey Business."
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  • A Valentine’s Day Goodbye

    It’s Valentine’s Day, so what better day to give a present to my fans (you in the balcony, I see you) and my critics. The gift is one that will no longer keep giving in this space: After seven years | Read More »

  • We Can Make Room

  • Uniting Christians and Libertarians

    Mike Huckabee has not been able to pick up much support beyond his evangelical base, but there’s a way for him to do so. He needs to show that Christian conservative views and small government views logically go together. The | Read More »

  • Is Huckabee conservative?

  • No Separation of Church and Screen

    New hits in politics and film all tell the same story: America is still a land of religion. The candidates, particularly Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee, are displaying their beliefs. Each of three big new movies — "I Am Legend," | Read More »

  • Wanted: Sam Adams Republicans

    Humorous Mike Huckabee has become the sum of all fears for many members of the GOP establishment. Some of the attacks arise out of plain old Christophobia, and Huckabee can’t do much about that. But some come from concern that | Read More »

  • Good News at Year’s End

    After a rocky year, evangelicals have received three pieces of good news over the past two months. One came in headlines like this top-of-Page-One surprise in The New York Times: “Scientists bypass need for embryo to get stem cells.” The | Read More »

  • Seeing Beyond Politics

    Christianity isn’t about politics. It’s about a miracle. “Rejoice! Rejoice!” the Christmas carol declares. “Emmanuel shall come to thee, O captive Israel.”

  • Atheists vs. Grace

    On the roller coaster of history, we’re seeing a hands-in-the-air moment as atheistic books soar onto best-seller lists. Some Christians are alarmed at the furious flurry, but there’s no need to be: This, too, shall pass. Atheistic authors see themselves | Read More »

  • Ignorant Journalists and Evangelical Voters

  • Who’s Your Favorite? We Should Not Choose by Voting Record Alone

  • Lenin’s Revolution Vs. Luther’s Reformation

    Yesterday (Nov. 7): the 90th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s Communist Revolution. Last week (Oct. 31): the 490th anniversary of the beginning of Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation. That numeral 4 indicates a key difference between the two: The 490 glorified God, | Read More »

  • For Female Reporter, All the Red Sox and All the Saints

    When the Boston Red Sox won the World Series on Sunday evening, I (born and raised in Massachusetts) read story after story about the victory. Here’s a braggadocio sampling from The Boston Globe’s male writers:  – Dan Shaughnessy: "The Boston | Read More »

  • Darwinism; Too Old-Fashioned To Be True

    New York Times columnist John Tierney recently offered a materialist version of "intelligent design": All of us are actually characters in a computer simulation devised by some technologically advanced future civilization. Fanciful to the extreme, sure, but the growing number | Read More »

  • Leaping Before We Looked: The Clinton Administration’s Bosnian Failure

    With Hillary Clinton surging in the polls and Democrats knifing Bush’s foreign policy and praising Bill Clinton’s, it’s time for a reality check on a supposed triumph: Team Clinton oversimplified a complex situation in Bosnia and ended up aiding and | Read More »

  • New York, America, the West: Prodigal Sons

    Who’s for the gospel-infused best of Western culture? Korean Christians are. The Museum of Biblical Art is. At the beginning of October’s first week, Korean evangelist Ock Soo Park spoke at Madison Square Garden, where homegrown evangelist Creflo Dollar often | Read More »

  • Two Cheers for the Bush Administration and Religious Freedom

    Reasons to be sad about the Bush administration abound. But here’s a happy note: Team Bush has repaired its mistake on religious freedom that I and many others complained about last month. The problem then was the Federal Bureau of | Read More »

  • Tolerate Polygamy, Purge Theology

    No one tolerates everything. Some who tolerate the murder of unborn children abhor the killing of some animals. One man’s Mede is another man’s Persian. Should we tolerate the leader of a Utah polygamous sect convicted on Tuesday as an | Read More »

  • From Little Rock Liberation to Educational Destruction

    Next week brings the 50th anniversary of the desegregation at gunpoint of Central High School in Little Rock, Ark. The U.S. Supreme Court had unanimously struck down in 1954 the concept of “separate but equal” education, and three years later | Read More »

  • Emphasize Earning, Dump Dependency

    Is international poverty best fought by distributing aid or by selling inexpensive products with names such as MoneyMaker? The "Design for the Other 90 Percent" exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum here is now in its last few days, | Read More »