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  • Michigan car wash CCW killings: Stupid is as stupid does

    Michigan car wash CCW killings: Stupid is as stupid does

    Enemies of gun rights have exploited the Michigan tragedy, but what really happened?

  • The Brady Campaign to Lie About Your Guns

    Dennis A. Henigan is the Acting President of the Brady Campaign and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Founder of the Center’s Legal Action Project. The latest deceit from Dennis A. Henigan and The Brady Campaign this time | Read More »

  • Daddy, Can You Teach Me How to Shoot?

      I loved it. I had been waiting patiently for years to hear those words from my son’s mouth. I had no idea when he might show an interest in learning to shoot and I often wondered when he would begin asking | Read More »

  • Trusting Your Gut and Staying Alive

      Armed American Radio host Mark Walters Self-defense is more than just carrying a firearm, a stun gun, being a black belt or carrying mace. It starts with trusting your gut.  Have you ever had “that feeling” in the pit | Read More »

  • Hey Modern Caveman, Where’s Your Club?

    Ok, I get it. Most of us are not anthropologists and have probably not spent a lifetime studying the Paleolithic era, the geologic time frame when it is pretty much agreed upon by the so-called “experts” that Cro-Magnon man, more | Read More »

  • Top 10 Concealed Carry Guns

    Editor’s note: Please visit Armed American Radio and listen in. You will really enjoy a show dedicated to our Second Amendment. Mark and Kathy Jackson have a great book and you can check it out by clicking here Lessons from Armed America. This | Read More »