Larry Provost works in Washington, D.C.. He previously worked as a Capitol Hill staffer and as Director of Commuter Affairs at Liberty University after interning with The Marine Corps History Division and FOX News Channel in New York City.
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  • Honoring veterans

    Honoring veterans

    Andrea was murdered, by Islamic extremists, during her first business trip to New York City. For Gordon there is no such thing as closure but only the new normal.

  • Remembering Reagan: 30 years after the liberation of Grenada

    Remembering Reagan: 30 years after the liberation of Grenada

    This “lovely little war,” was the first significant military success by US servicemen since the Vietnam War.

  • Remembering a victim ofSeptember 11th

    Remembering a victim of
    September 11th

    The world must never forget the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

  • Honor your parents, part I

    Honor your parents, part I

    We need moral clarity today to prevent the dishonoring of the older generation and the America they fought to protect.

  • Out from Africa

    Out from Africa

    Those who advocate for bigger government should look at the prosperity that freedom has brought to South Africa.

  • A Sept. 11 reminder

    A Sept. 11 reminder

    I would ask him, “Do the Muslims go to the Heaven?” “Do the Christians go to the Heaven?” “Do the Jews go to the Heaven?” He answered yes to the first two but was absolutely emphatic that the answer was no for the third question. This was one of the few, non-devout, pro-Americans I found. Imagine where the majority of the population comes down. You get the idea. I saw this example many times in Iraq and Afghanistan.