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  • Oil Crisis Is Solvable

    There is only one way to drive down the rising cost of gasoline for the long term: significantly increase the domestic supply of oil. We are the only nation in the world with access to known oil deposits on our | Read More »

  • Obama Flunks Another Test

    It wasn’t exactly the news the Obama campaign hoped to make this week: "Obama Aide Quits Under Fire for His Business Ties." But that was the headline in The New York Times, with variations in other major papers. The aide | Read More »

  • Tough Questions

    Sen. Barack Obama is, finally, the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party — no mean achievement in this most hotly contested primary race in recent history. He deserves a day or two to bask in this glory — and | Read More »

  • Picking Judges

    If you ask Americans what issues matter most to them in choosing a president, the candidate’s judicial philosophy is not likely to make it into the top 10. But a president’s power to nominate judges is, in fact, one of | Read More »

  • The Real Meaning of Mother’s Day

  • Obama: Too Little, Too Late

  • Obama’s Hurdle

    Despite Hillary Clinton’s impressive win in Pennsylvania Tuesday, there is virtually no scenario in which Clinton can win the Democratic nomination. Barack Obama is the almost-certain choice to become the Party’s nominee — but he will face far more hurdles | Read More »

  • All God’s Children

    The Catholic Church in America has always been an immigrant church. No wonder that Pope Benedict XVI has given special attention in his first visit to the United States to the issue of immigrants.  Immigrants are no less the heart | Read More »

  • Democrats Trade Hypocrisy

  • A Better Solution for the Housing Mess

    With the housing mess threatening to send the economy into a tailspin, politicians are scrambling to come up with a quick fix. Senate leaders this week announced they’ve come up with a housing bailout bill, including a $4 billion grant | Read More »

  • Obama Won’t Confront Biggest Problem for Blacks

    I expected more from Barack Obama. Like many Americans, I had hoped that his candidacy might transcend the racial divide that has separated this country for too many generations. I disagree with Sen. Obama on virtually every important public policy | Read More »

  • Iraq War Could Help GOP Win in November

    A funny thing happened on the way to the election: Many Americans had a change of heart about the war in Iraq. No, I’m not talking about the large numbers of Americans who now think that the United States should | Read More »

  • Crime and Punishment on the Streets of Baltimore

    Sunday night, I’ll be in front of my television set saying goodbye to some improbable friends: a few drug dealers, some good cops and bad, a corrupt politician or two and a handful of boys who broke my heart. HBO’s | Read More »

  • Liberal Patriotism

    Michelle Obama struck a raw nerve earlier this week when she suggested she had never been proud of her country until now. "For the first time in my adult lifetime," the 44-year-old wife of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama | Read More »

  • What America Should Be Investigating

  • Our Better Angels: Martin Luther King’s Legacy

    The nasty bickering on the subject of race between Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama got me thinking about the true legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. We honor him with a national holiday, but do we | Read More »

  • The Stakes in Iowa and New Hampshire

    The world became a more dangerous place this week with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The country, a linchpin in the war on terrorism, is wracked with violence, endangering not just Pakistanis but all of us. If | Read More »

  • Hillary: Too Clever by Half

    For the past year, Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential nomination has seemed inevitable. She raised more money than any presidential candidate in history. She performed well in an endless series of debates. She carved out careful positions on difficult issues, protecting | Read More »

  • Saving the Girl of Qatif

  • Turning Good News into Bad

    With housing prices falling, energy prices climbing and the stock market on a roller coaster, it’s no wonder many Americans are worried about their economic condition. But a new study on economic mobility in the United States suggests most of | Read More »