Mr. Bozell, a nationally syndicated author, is the founder and president of the Media Research Center.
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  • Seeing Moral Grays in 9/11

     Picking up the Sunday paper Nov. 15 could make a reader a little airsick — even while standing in the driveway. The Washington Post "news analysis" on the front page carried the headline "9/11 trial could become a parable of | Read More »

  • Group Sex on “Gossip Girl”

    It’s a sad state of affairs. There is absolutely no barrier of sexual behavior that TV network executives aren’t willing to cross in a desperate gambit for ratings. There also seems be to no sleazy line that a squeaky clean | Read More »

  • Fort Hood Horror

    Horror spread quickly across America as the story unfolded: An Army psychiatrist went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas, killing 13 and wounding 30. But as more information emerged, clearly pointing to an act of terrorism, many | Read More »

  • A Stomachache for Our Sponsor

    In the earliest days of television, shows were often supported entirely by one sponsor. There was the "Texaco Star Theater" with Milton Berle. Remember "General Electric Theater" with Ronald Reagan? The corporate patron was held responsible for the content within | Read More »

  • The Dede Media

    The New York Times editorial page is a perfect weather vane for the way the liberal media’s hot air is blowing. In an Oct. 26 editorial called “Torching the Big Tent,” they lamented: “The feeble pulse of moderation in the | Read More »

  • TV’s Increasing Female Body Count

    Violence — especially grotesque, gory or bloody violence — has become a staple of network television during sweeps periods. But there’s a new kind of violence surging — violence against women. A new study by the Parents Television Council called | Read More »

  • Don’t Replay the ’70s

    The Left is ecstatic about the latest ABC News-Washington Post poll, which claimed a surge in public support for the so-called "public option," wrapped in the (insincere) rhetoric of "choice" and "competition." The poll asks if the government should "create | Read More »

  • The Censorious Sound on the Left

    Rush Limbaugh was convicted of racism in a kangaroo court of "objective" media and dropped as a potential owner of the St. Louis Rams football franchise. His accusers claimed he once said slavery "had its merits" and that the assassin | Read More »

  • The Nobel Surprise

    Like everyone else on the morning of Oct. 9, the major media’s first reaction to Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize was shock and disbelief. NBC’s Matt Lauer spoke for the pack when he said he didn’t want to | Read More »

  • Obama’s Olympic Arrogance

     In the category of "intentional misunderstandings" about the political fiasco over the 2016 Summer Olympics, liberals win the gold medal. Cheers and laughs broke out in conservative offices and radio studios on the morning of Oct. 2 when Chicago’s bid | Read More »

  • Hollywood’s Favorite Rapist

    Something wildly unexpected happened the other day: Film director Roman Polanski was taken into custody in Switzerland for his rape of a 13-year-old girl at Jack Nicholson’s house in 1977. The grand jury transcript is stomach-turning. His victim, Samantha Gailey, | Read More »

  • Pittsburgh Protest Promoters

     Radical-left protesters outside the G-20 summit meeting in Pittsburgh last week underlined once again that our friends in the news media see no real enemy or extremist to their left. But conservative protests against Team Obama are an ugly sign | Read More »

  • Omnipresent Obama

     Following his usual mantra that "to watch me is to love me," Barack Obama appeared on five Sunday interview shows and since that wasn’t enough, then the David Letterman show on Monday night. He remains convinced that the more he | Read More »

  • Our “Intolerance Festival”

    It’s very easy to be outraged by the way our "objective" media greeted the massive Sept. 12 rally against Big Government in Washington and across the country. They treated it as a menacing surge of white anger, meanness, and racism. | Read More »

  • Obama Vs. ‘Hyperpartisans’

    Is President Obama getting overexposed? This we know: A firm believer in all his fawning media clips, Obama thinks there is no political problem he cannot overcome with yet another nationally televised address. Not only has he scheduled an umpteenth | Read More »

  • Moving in Mysterious Ways

  • Never-ending Katrina Bias

    Four years have elapsed since one of the most amazing cases of Republican-bashing media bias in the television era began. The media elites laugh when preachers say immorality causes God to send hurricanes, but they suggested with straight faces that | Read More »

  • Bob Novak vs. the TV ‘Genius’

  • Secular Saboteurs

  • The Quiet War Movie