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  • Occupier-in-Chief To Turn Manhattan Into Frozen Zone

    The White House Occupier has a busy day ahead. While focused like a laser on destroying the economy, he’s also managing to squeeze in a little time for fundraising, which basically is all he does any more. Today the selfish | Read More »

  • Cutting Edge Political Party Emerges From OWS Movement

    After two months of crime, whining, defecating in the streets and becoming an overall menace to society, the remnants of the so-called Occupy movement have finally come to a consensus and formed their own political party. Somehow their adoring media | Read More »

  • Obama Embraces Occupiers Who Heckle Him

    The president traveled to New Hampshire for a campaign event on your dime today where he could barely fill half of a high gymnasium. While there he was greeted by some of his chickens who came home to roost. Just | Read More »

  • Tribute to an Icon: Reagan Statue Unveiled in Warsaw

      Despite over two decades of revisionist history from the left, those who suffered under Communism still regard Ronald Reagan as the man who saved tens of millions from tyranny. Today former Polish President Lech Walesa unveiled one for The | Read More »

  • Antique Media Clings to the “Mostly Peaceful” OWS Mantra

    I noticed awhile back that seemingly every news account detailing the vile antics of the Occupy Wall Street movement always made sure to inclue the assurance that despite what we were witnessing, the anarchist mob was always mostly peaceful. Of | Read More »

  • Obama Endorsed “Occupiers” Now Openly Calling for Violence

    As Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano constantly reminds us, if you see something, say something. Well, Janet, can you see this? (Langauge warning, of course; this isn’t a Tea Party video) In case you missed any of the none-too-subtle language: | Read More »

  • Up Twinkles: NYPD Sweeps “Occupiers” From Zuccotti Park

    Fresh off testicle implant surgery, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg manned up and had the police clear Zuccotti Park in an overnight raid early today. It’s about time. Good riddance! The NYPD arrested 70 protesters as they moved in | Read More »

  • Elizabeth Warren Supports Obama’s “Nuanced” Approach to Iran Nukes

    We suppose if she gets into office and the Iranian madmen acquire usable nuclear weapons she’ll just turn on that famous charm of hers and shriek them into submission. You know when someone lauds “nuanced responses” they have no idea | Read More »

  • Helpful Portland Occupiers Offer Advice to Rape Victims

    Let’s call it the Sandusky Effect.   Rape victims are now mere survivors. “Occupy” supporter Barack Obama  was unavailable for comment.  

  • Disgrace: Penn State Students Run Wild After Paterno Firing

    If I were the parent of a current Penn State student my child would be removed from that university today. How can people in good conscience behave like this after what anyone with a soul knows was the appropriate thing | Read More »

  • Mayor to Skip Veteran’s Day Parade to Protest With “Occupiers”

    I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that a far-left crank who’s mayor of a Bay Area town is showing disrespect to the military and our veterans. Still, it’s a sad indictment of the contempt the left has for our military | Read More »

  • Police Suspect Portland Occupiers in Firebombing (UPDATED)

    The “Occupy” crime wave continues to spread across the nation. Most reports are largely ignored by the mainstream media, which is no suprise since they and the Democratic Party have fully embraced and support this criminal movement. One of the | Read More »

  • OWS Assault on Human Decency Continues

    The grossly offensive behavior of the Democrat-endorsed Occupy Wall Street animals continues to spiral out of control. How much longer must the decent people of America suffer with this insanity? A business owner near the Occupy Wall Street encampment claims | Read More »

  • Another NY Democrat Caught With His Pants Down

    You won’t be reading this story in any national news outlets since the offender is a Democrat. Put an “R” behind his name and it would go viral. While there isn’t anything necessarily criminal or as crude and lewd as | Read More »

  • Increasing Paranoia Among Deranged “Occupiers”

    As the so-called “occupation” movement by a rag-tag band of far-left cranks becomes increasingly violent, we’re noticing a common thread among the unhinged: Deep paranoia. As the whole world was watching a criminal band of marauders tear up Oakland, CA, | Read More »

  • “Occupy” Crime Wave Continues: Woman Raped, Robbed in Baltimore

    The national media has been disgracefully silent the past several weeks over the ugly crime wave sweeping the so-called “Occupy” protests. Numerous incidents of sexual assault and rape have been occuring and there’s total silence from all the Democrats who | Read More »

  • Labor Secretary Hilda Solis: Obama Administration Will Take On “Teabaggers”

    Funny how the Washington press corps has completely ignored these vile comments by Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. With the team behind President Barack Obama targeting the Sunshine State in their bid for a second term in 2012, the White House | Read More »

  • Climate Change, Lack of Power Threatens to Derail Fearless Zuccotti Park Occupiers

    As the Occupy Wall Street movement rapidly fades into obscurity, historians will surely look back to Halloween weekend as the tipping point when things went horribly wrong. Already faced with temperatures in the 30s last night, our heroes fled to | Read More »

  • Selfish Occupiers Cut Off the Homeless

    A couple of weeks ago the nitwits “occupying” spaces around the country began noticing their personal belongings missing as they were bunking down to fight the power. Suddenly spreading the wealth wasn’t such a great idea. Now we discover the | Read More »

  • Obama Announces Remodeled “No Child Left Behind” Campaign

    Barack Obama made yet another West Coast fundraising blitz this week as he tours the nation campaigning on your dime. Magically, another baby appeared for a touching photo op. It appears his 15-month campaign for re-election will involve moments like | Read More »