J.T. Young served in the Department of Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget from 2001 -2004 and as a Congressional staff member from 1987-2000.
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  • Free Men and Free Markets

    As we celebrate America’s independence, let us not forget its enterprise.

  • Is the Recession Over?

    Is the media too eager to proclaim the recession over?

  • When Atlas Shrugs

    As the Left’s prejudices against the wealth producers grow more vocal, the fallacy of their arguments are more clearly visible.

  • Treasury Bond Sale Generates Tepid Response

    Treasury auction shows private sector investor is still largely on the sidelines.

  • Tax the Liberals

    Liberals have lots of disposable income. All those liberal organizations and causes don’t have bake sales!

  • The War-Recession Fallacy

    Liberals have an inherent advantage in debates that comes from being unencumbered by facts.

  • America’s Growing Fiscal Dependence on Its Top Earners

    Despite the vicissitudes of U.S. tax policy’s last two decades, there has been one constant: an ever-narrowing tax base