John Watts is an intern at Human Events through the National Journalism Center.
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  • Ron Paul and Mitt Romney: An ideal but unlikely alliance?

    Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are unlikely allies, but this has not put the lid on commentators speculating on the existence of a strategic agreement behind the scenes.

  • Buckeye liberal owes bucks to D.C.

    Buckeye liberal owes bucks to D.C.

    A spokesman for the Ohio Republican Party blasted Sen. Sherrod C. Brown, (D-Ohio),and the hypocrisy of one of the Senate’s strongest advocates for higher taxes being delinquent in his District of Columbia property taxes. Brown should have more understanding for taxpayers, | Read More »

  • Bishop Zubik lambasts HHS on contraception mandate

    Bishop David A. Zubik of the Diocese of Pittsburgh has released a letter online in which he characterizes the recent HHS decision mandating religious organizations to provide contraceptive coverage to employees as telling Catholics, "To Hell with You".

    The letter summarizes the position of church leaders on the issue and their subsequent feeling of deep betrayal on the part of the administration with the recent announcement by HHS Secretary Sebelius. Here is a link to the message which also urges individuals to contact their elected representatives and provides a form letter to communicate their position and outrage at the decision.