Mr. Velleco is director of federal affairs for Gun Owners of America, a 300,000-member national gun-rights lobbying organization. More information about GOA is available at: You can follow him on twitter @Velleco.

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  • The continuing, sad saga of Fast and Furious

    The continuing saga of Eric Holder’s efforts to block the release of documents pertaining to the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal has tarred the Department of Justice with a black mark of shame it will not overcome for years.

  • Constitutional Concealed Carry Act of 2012 introduced

    Pro-gun Senators John Thune (R-SD) and David Vitter (R-LA) recently introduced legislation to advance national reciprocity for gun owners who can legally carry concealed firearms in the state where they reside. The Thune-Vitter bill was introduced with a huge show of | Read More »

  • New Hampshire on the verge of passing ‘constitutional carry’

    New Hampshire could soon become one of the most pro-gun states in the country – a sanctuary where the Constitution is paramount and Americans don’t need the government’s permission to exercise their God-given rights. The bill is House Bill 536, | Read More »

  • Young Widow Shoots Intruders

    The truth is a person under attack won’t be protected by a candle, and violent thugs won’t be disarmed if Congress passes yet one more gun control law. Lives are saved, however, when a woman can use a firearm to defend herself against attackers twice her size.

  • Meltdown in Cleveland

    In what has become an annual spectacle, the city dumped more than 700 firearms into the Number 1 Basic Oxygen Furnace at the Cleveland Arcelor Mittal facility. The formerly useful weapons, collected in "gun buyback" programs in the city and surrounding communities in September, were subjected to temperatures of about 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit and 200 tons of molten iron.

  • Holder on Hot-Seat Over Fast & Furious

    The recent move by Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, to subpoena scores of documents from Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the Fast and Furious debacle hardly comes as a surprise.

  • ATF Ruling Disarms All Medical Marijuana Users

    The Obama administration is at it again.

    With the stroke of a pen, the U.S. Justice Department has just subjected hundreds of thousands of Americans to a lifetime gun ban.

  • Concealed Carry Recognition Bill Introduced in House

    Rep. Paul C. Broun, M.D, R-Ga., filed the SAFE Act, which will protect Constitutional Carry nationwide. The Second Amendment truly is the “black sheep” of the Bill of Rights. Imagine traveling from your home to Massachusetts, and not being able | Read More »

  • The UN Is After Your Guns

    This month, a UN committee wrapped up a week-long series of meetings on a massive treaty that could undermine both U.S. sovereignty and the Second Amendment.  This is the third round of meetings by the so-called “preparatory committee” on the | Read More »

  • Docs, Glocks in the Sunshine State

    Excerpt: “Besides questions about gun ownership being inappropriate and none of a doctor’s business-and besides the fact that most doctor organizations are vehemently anti-Second Amendment-there are serious questions about how such information could be abused.”

  • Ja Rule to Prison; Bloomberg Remains at-Large

    Ja Rule Going through another day blissfully ignorant of pop culture, I was confronted with a question about Ja Rule going to prison. Stumped, but with piqued interest, I looked it up. Ja Rule is a rapper, as in musician. | Read More »

  • Rudy’s Gun-Control Agenda

    The 2007 version of Rudy Giuliani defends his past support of gun control as a necessary evil to fight crime in a big city. When pressed recently about his views on the 2nd Amendment by Sean Hannity of Fox News, | Read More »