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  • Convicted and Unemployed

    Convicted and Unemployed

      Just got out of jail? Odds are that within five years, you’ll get caught doing something illegal and go back to jail. This is bad for ex-cons, their victims, their families and America. Some of these people, of course, | Read More »

  • Warning: Labels

    Warning: Labels

    When you use a coffeepot, do you need a warning label to tell you: “Do not hold over people”? Must a bicycle bell be sold with the warning: “Should be installed and serviced by a professional mechanic”? Of course not. | Read More »

  • My Lunch With Hillary

    My Lunch With Hillary

    I had lunch with Hillary Clinton. Really. I was on vacation on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, at a hotel that’s a mixture of villas-for-rent that stand right next to big houses owned by rich Americans. One day, several black | Read More »

  • Not Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton

    Not Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton

    Finally! Voters have another choice. The Libertarian Party nominated two socially tolerant but fiscally conservative former governors, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. Weld? Isn’t the former Massachusetts governor just another Republican? He didn’t act like one when he and Johnson | Read More »

  • Taught Not to Try

    Taught Not to Try

    The first step in inventing something shouldn’t be waiting for government approval. What would ever get done? “Regulators like to see new types of law and regulation imposed upon the internet and emerging technologies,” warns Adam Thierer, author of “Permissionless | Read More »

  • Private Is Better

    Private Is Better

    Our next president will almost certainly be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. But I take heart knowing that America’s founders imposed checks and balances, so there will be limits on what bad things the next president can do. Most of | Read More »

  • Nasty Politics

    Nasty Politics

    This presidential election is like no other.

  • Free-Market Medicine

    Free-Market Medicine

    President Obama’s proudest accomplishment is increasing the number of Americans with health insurance. A better idea would be to help people escape government care altogether.

  • Money Down A Hole

    Money Down A Hole

    The Republican and Democratic presidential nominees have been chosen.

  • Another Libertarian Moment?

    Another Libertarian Moment?

    The Libertarian Party might get more votes this year.

  • Freedom to Disagree

    Freedom to Disagree

    “Should a Jewish baker be forced to bake a cake for a Nazi wedding?”

  • The Art of Trump

    The Art of Trump

    Hooray for Donald Trump!

  • Regulating the Future

    Regulating the Future

    We know government understands that new technologies are important. The military invests in robots and traffic cops use radar guns. But when the rest of us use robots or fly drones, government gets eager to put rules in place before things get “out of control.”

  • Joy and Bad Law

    Joy and Bad Law

    According to, Jennifer Lawrence probably won’t win best actress at the Oscars Sunday.

  • Robot Cars

    Robot Cars

    The Tesla S is the closest thing to a totally driverless car available now. I had to leave my state to test-drive it. New York’s archaic laws forbid taking both hands off the wheel.

  • High-Tech Ted

    High-Tech Ted

    Politicians tailor their messages to different audiences. Facing New Hampshire’s primary, Ted Cruz talked more about “free-market principles” and a “commitment to the Constitution” and said “no one personality can right the wrongs done by Washington.” Politico ran the headline “Ted Cruz, born-again libertarian.”

  • Political Arrogance

    Political Arrogance

    After the Iowa caucus results, it looks like Hillary Clinton vs. Marco Rubio in November!

  • Running on Empty

    Running on Empty

    Cars run on fuel. Politicians run on votes, and they’ll do almost anything to get them.

  • Economic Myths

    Economic Myths

    Hillary Clinton: “Of course we want to raise the minimum wage!”

  • Optimism and Obama

    Optimism and Obama

    In the commercial that President Obama released prior to his final State of the Union address, Obama said he would tell Congress how “optimistic” he is about America’s future. Good.