John M. Snyder, former National Rifle Association magazine editor, is public affairs director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and a director of the Council for America. Because he is the senior gun rights advocate in Washington, his is also know as the "Gun Dean." He is the founder of the St. Gabriel Possenti Society and author of "Gun Saint."
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  • Obama makes war against guns, religious freedom

    The Gun Dean makes the case that the war President Obama is waging against gun right is part of his larger war against the Culture of Life and the freedom of worship, specifically, the Catholic Church. Just as the Catholic | Read More »

  • Gun-Grabbers Undermine U.S. Sovereignty

    What a surprise: Criminals don’t want to face armed citizens!

  • Bloomberg Under Fire From Gun Groups

    ‘Investigate and prosecute New York City mayor’

  • Two Bills Gun Owners Should Back

    Any possibility that gun control and the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms would be shelved as legislative and political issues during the 110th Congress came to a crashing end last week as representatives were sworn | Read More »

  • Gun-Control Activists Resurrect Agenda

    Media tries to undermine firearm owners’ clout

  • Gun-Grabbing Mayors Face Showdown

    House bill would thwart Michael Bloomberg’s actions

  • N.Y. Self-Defense Shooting Underscores Need for Private Firearm Ownership

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg is out of touch with reality