John Batchelor is a novelist and the host of the John Batchelor Show on WABC in New York and KFI in Los Angeles.
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  • Batchelor Responds to Steve Diamond

    Did Batchelor report unfairly on Diamond’s blog and comments? Judge for yourself.

  • Obama’s Plumbers

    Who is obstructing records of Obama’s friendship with Bill Ayers?

  • Sarah’s Detroit Democrats

    The GOP has the magic when and if the hockey mom with the lipstick is let free in Michigan to bring in the Reagan Democrats.

  • The War Among the Democrats

    Both camps identify four major fronts where the combat will be sophisticated, ruthless and round-the-clock.

  • The Fugitive: The Obama Files Continue

    Three weeks ago an international fugitive and major member of the Antoin “Tony” Rezko crew of Chicago at the Queen Alia International Airport at Amman…

  • Rezko Connections: More Reasons Obama Should Worry

    The unsavory tale of how a Chicago political machine works for its friends and supporters continues.

  • Rezko Connections: More Questions for Obama

    Is Obama connected to a fugitive from Iraqi Justice?

  • More Details for the Obama Files

    New reports from the British Press tie Obama and Auchi more closely together.

  • The Obama Files

    Memo to Sen. John McCain.

  • Who Are They?

    Who is Nahdmi Auchi, who according to the British newspaper TimesOnline may have lent money through a company he controls in Panama to support a fundraiser for U.S. Senator Barack Obama in May 2005? Who is Mr. Auchi? A British | Read More »

  • President Mod Squad

    Looking at the Obama phenomenon.

  • The ABM Vote: Anybody But McCain

    Will Huckabee, Romney or Giuliani capture the ABM vote?

  • Macchiavelli NIE

    In the Prince, Nicolo Macchiavelli, we are reminded by Winston Churchill, advised his master that, in confronting antagonist states, “Men avenge slight injuries but not grave ones.”

  • Gaza Murder Incorporated

    Gaza Murder Incorporated by John Batchelor BBC Reporter Apparently Executed: Why and by Whom?

  • Gaza’s Murder Incorporated

    BBC reporter apparently executed: why and by whom?

  • The Fifteen: Part 4

    Conditional surrender

  • The Fifteen: Part 3

    Eleven days after Tehran abducted British soldiers at gunpoint, not only has London handed itself as a hostage to the Mahdists of Tehran and their IRGC gunmen, but also Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Rome and Moscow have joined Britain to become | Read More »

  • The Brigands of Tehran

    The Fifteen, Part II

  • The Fifteen

    ‘Either the 15 alive or Ahmadinejad dead’

  • The American Dream in Iraq, Four Years On

    What America can learn from Rudyard Kipling’s Kim