Jim Woods is a freelance financial journalist specializing in the markets and the economy. He champions the cause of liberty from a secured location deep inside the Golden State.
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  • O Canada! Your Liberal Winds of Change

    Writer Jim Woods explains in a guest column how the recent Canadian election will impact investments in U.S. markets.

  • To Hedge, or Not to Hedge, That is the European Question

    By Jim Woods When Nicholas Vardy asks you to do a guest column for The Global Guru, the first thing that goes through your mind is flattery. The second thing is abject fear that you’ll be able to at least somewhat fill | Read More »

  • Government Thinks You’re Stupid

    MIT Economics Professor Jonathan Gruber has been called the “architect” of ObamaCare for his role in helping create the program.

  • Negative Interest Rates: Warning, Your Bank Account is Under Attack

    The goal of this negative interest rate policy is to try to financially engineer the decisions of banks to lend out money to business and households.

  • How Investors Should Connect the Fed’s ‘Dots’

    I hate the Fed and all it stands for. Of course, I don’t expect the Fed to go away anytime soon.

  • Christie and Tesla — A Freedom Problem

    As an unapologetic advocate of capitalism and free markets, the thought of a politician blocking the sale of a legal product in any way, or for whatever reason, is an abhorrent concept.

  • The Rant Heard Round the Country — Five Years Later

    The moment I’m referring to here is what I call the rant heard round the country, a beautifully passionate, emotionally clear yet philosophically penetrating outburst by CNBC reporter Rick Santelli.

  • 4 Dow Dividend Stocks Defying the Decline

    Despite the aggregate decline in the Dow, there still are a few industrials trading to the plus side.

  • Government even overpays for erections

    Government even overpays for erections

    We better get ready for all sorts of overpriced medical apparatuses that will cause financial strain on the entire nation.

  • Unwrapping the Worst Christmas Present Ever

    Do you remember the worst Christmas present you ever received?

  • I Recommend Killing Your Dreams in 2014

    After a little soul searching, I came up with the following unsolicited tidbits of wisdom.

  • A Gross Feeling of Guilt

    Bill Gross is arguably one of the most successful money managers in the world. The founder and chief investment officer of the world’s largest bond fund, Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO), is a billionaire, and he’s made his money by expertly helping investors successfully allocate money to the bond market.

  • The Unconventional Way to Deal with the Shutdown

    The headlines on Wall Street, Washington and throughout the country have been focused understandably on the government shutdown and the pending debt-ceiling deadline.

  • Increase Your Bank Account by Having More Sex

    I think everyone knows that when it comes to money and sex, you can never have too much.

  • Miss Utah Was Right the First Time

    It was the answer heard round the world — well, at least it was the answer heard around all the gossipy news shows, which in today’s media means every major network news show. The answer here was the convoluted, off | Read More »

  • When Government Acts, Citizens React

    You would think that during the past 237 years, those who run the U.S. government would have learned the simple principle that for every action, there is a reaction. Of course, if you thought that, you’d be wrong. That’s because | Read More »

  • Blowing Budgetary Smoke

    I guess the way the president sees things, it is okay to punish lower-income Americans — provided they smoke cigarettes — as long as it is in the name of the collective good of the children.

  • What the Iraq War Can Teach Investors

    On Tuesday, March 19, the country marked the tenth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. There wasn’t much of a celebration among attention-hungry politicians, a curiosity that I found quite welcome.

  • Take What the Fed Gives You

    Did you hear that the Dow Jones Industrial Average just hit a new all-time high? Of course you did, and that’s because the financial media this week was replete with hype about how the equity markets are back and how investors are making money. Unfortunately, the reality is far removed from the hype.

  • How Hot American Girls Can Make You Rich

    The new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hit newsstands this week, and gracing the cover with her curvaceous cuteness is the über-sexy Kate Upton. This is the second-consecutive year that the all-American hottie has graced the magazine’s most widely “read” issue, | Read More »