Mr. Homnick, a regular contributor to Human Events, is a well-known commentator and humorist. He also writes for The American Spectator.
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  • Obama’s Statements on Science Are Masterful Doublespeak

    The idea that an Obama administration will be open to scientists with inconvenient opinions is absurd.

  • The Finest Hour of the Republic(ans)

    House Republicans’ vote Wednesday was one of the greatest acts of principle in American governmental history. Now it’s the Senate’s turn.

  • Translating Those Inauguration Partners in Rhyme

    2009 Obamafest delivers another tacky poem about those wonderful Democrat saviors.

  • Happy Hannukah at the Bush White House

    The President and Laura Bush have shown outstanding respect to traditional Jews and their practices throughout his administration.

  • Tax Revenue Out on Bail

    As a uncle learns when he bails his nephew out of trouble once too often, there comes a point where the uncle no longer has the cash and…

  • Justice Alito Pokes Fun of Biden at Dinner

    Find out what happened at Wednesday’s well known American Spectator dinner in Washington, D.C.

  • Affairs of State Her Specialty

    Hillary becomes America’s face to the world.

  • Out With the Old GOP

    Sarah Palin is the perfect Republican candidate for the 21st Century, whenever it finally arrives.

  • Vaulting Over the Polls

    Predicting the result is what polls should be doing. Skewed early polls do something else entirely…

  • Biden’s Unreported Hypocrisy

    In the NFL they watch last week’s film to change next week’s game; the Democrats watch last week’s film to change last week’s game.

  • Obama’s Empty Premises

    Empty seats in Green Bay reflect empty promises from the podium. Maybe he should have worn a Packers uniform …

  • Organized Community Ridicule

    Gov. Paterson the other responded publicly to the practice of mocking Barack Obama for his years of being a ‘community organizer’ …

  • The Media Bristles at Bristol

    One of the great setups for humor in theater is to say something by denying you would ever say that thing.

  • Top 10 Reasons Biden is Oh-bombing

    It is official. As Jed Babbin predicted, the Biden bump worked in reverse…

  • Obama Tires and McCain Gauges

    Inflation used to be a bad thing in Washington, but no more.

  • Obama, American (Emperor?) Abroad

    The media is courting Barack Obama like a bevy of lovesick maidens.

  • The Shot (Not) Heard Round the World

    When the terrorist is in your sights, pull the trigger … more than once.

  • The Weather G-8 Scandal

    How many novels and movies have been based on the theme of a mad scientist out to single-handedly control the world?

  • The Mad Hatter

    How, then, does justice demand that we, the taxpayers, pay as perpetrators for an offense in which we were fellow victims?

  • Democrats Bawling for Dollars