Jack Langer, Ph.D., is an editor for Regnery Publishing (a HUMAN EVENTS' sister company) and a freelance journalist. He can be reached at [email protected].
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  • Muslim UNC Alum Admits Guilt

    Moahammad Taheri-azar, the Muslim UNC alumn who smashed his car into a group of UNC students as an act of vengence against the alleged mistreatment of Muslims, admitted in court today that he was trying to kill people. He declared | Read More »

  • Academia Suffers Defeat in High Court

    Academia suffered a big defeat today, as the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the constitutionality of the Solomon Amendment, which bars federal funding for universities that ban military recruiters from their campuses. The case was a cause celbre among professors who | Read More »

  • EU’s Fruitless Negotions With Iran

    The Europeans seem to think that their affinity for solving international issues through "dialogue" and "soft power" earns them the respect of Middle Eastern governments that are turned off by the constant "bullying" of the U.S. government The E.U. is | Read More »

  • Blogger Smacks Lefty Mideast Academic

    Martin Kramer smacks around lefty Mideast academic Juan Cole in a great blog post today, just as Cole is being considered for a new job at Yale. Kramer also speculates that Cole is preparing to sue David Horowitz over Horowitz’s | Read More »

  • Clinton’s ‘Humanitarian’ Foreign Policy

    Here’s a useful article about Kosovo, where talks are set to begin soon on the province’s final status. In short, here’s the current situation: Since Clinton spearheaded the NATO attack against the Serbs in response to wildly exaggerated reports of | Read More »

  • Islam Demands ‘Defamation’ Law of U.N.

    U.S. efforts to reform the U.N. Human Rights Commission have been impeded by an Islamic bloc proposal that the U.N. adopt an anti-blasphemy law banning "defamation of religions and prophets." Human rights organizations are denouncing the proposal as the infringement | Read More »

  • Students Suspended for Publishing Cartoons

    Two editors of the student newspaper at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have been suspended for publishing the dreaded Mohammed cartoons (hat tip: Andrew Sullivan). After removing the editors, the paper apologized to Muslims. I hope the University of | Read More »

  • French Radical Deported for Trashing McDonald’s

    It’s hard to find a more obnoxious creature than a French anti-globalization activist. That’s why I’m amused to see that Jose Bove, the French radical famous for trashing a McDonald’s outlet, was deported from the U.S. immediately after flying into | Read More »

  • ‘Conservative’ Blogger Sides with Islam

    And another depressing instance of moral equivalence. The self-described conservative, Andrew Sullivan, unleashes some uncompromising dununciations of Islamic fanaticism connected to the Mohammed cartoon contretemps, and he also righteously condemns the appeasers on the wrong side of this issue (who | Read More »

  • Liberal Blog Compares Islam’s Rage to Christians’

    Well that didn’t take long. The main posting about the Mohammed cartoon controversy on DailyKos, the weblog extrordinaire of our fine lefty friends, offers a few details of the Mohammed cartoon uproar before admonishing its readers to remember the equivalent | Read More »

  • Five Bucks Anyone?

    Five bucks to the first HE blogger who finds a liberal drawing a moral comparison between American Christians who peacefully voice objections to the ridicule of their religion in "art" exhibits like "Piss Christ" and dung-encrusted paintings of The Virgin | Read More »

  • Maoist Guerillas Still on the Go

    Did you know that armies of Maoist guerillas still exist? Talk about a discredited ideology — even China itself is ditching the Chairman’s utopian collectivist legacy as capitalist stooges bring unprecedented wealth to the country. Can anybody in 2006 really | Read More »

  • EU Announces Conditions for Hamas

    The international community is moving quickly to legitimate Hamas in order to avoid compromising the international "peacemaking" industry. Here’s the EU’s list of conditions for the new, Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority to continue receiving EU funds: Hamas "must be commited to | Read More »

  • Jihad Leader Al-Arian Set for Re-Trial

    Although nothing is official, the tea leaves indicate the government is going to retry former University of South Florida professor and Islamic Jihad kingpin Sami Al-Arian on the nine counts that drew a hung jury at his previous trial. Prosecutors | Read More »

  • World Reacts to Hamas’ Victory With ‘Ostrich Approach’

    Policymakers overlook failure, bury heads in sand

  • More Hamas: U.S. Must Not Aid Terrorist Regime

  • Sharansky on Hamas

    Natan Sharansky, the former Soviet dissident whose ideas on spreading democracy as a means to fight terrorism were a key influence on President Bush’s foreign policy, disagrees with Bush, Carter, Solana, and every other international mandarin who hails the recent Palestinian | Read More »

  • Janet Reno: She’s No Aretha Franklin

    When I visited Morocco around 10 years ago, I was stunned by the prevalence of homeless child beggars on the streets. It was the saddest, most pathetic, and most shocking thing I’ve ever seen. That is, until I saw the | Read More »

  • Hamas’ Victory: No Grand Democratic Achievement

    World leaders, although somewhat nervous about Hamas’ electoral victory in the Palestinian Authority, were nearly unanimous in their praise for the "peaceful" and "orderly" manner in which the elections were carried out. Completely ignoring the fact that all the main | Read More »

  • African Union: From One Tyrant to Another

    A Daily Telegraph article discusses the election of a new chairman for the African Union, the only alliance that includes every African country. Although the alliance claims democracy as a founding principle, the meeting was held in Sudan, where the | Read More »

  • RE: Pope John Paul II Shooter to Star in Hollywood Film

    The lucrative movie deal for Pope John Paul II’s assailant will have to be put on the backburner for a while – Mehmet Ali Agca was just thrown back in jail, eight days after being released. Looks like the Turks | Read More »