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  • One conservative’s case for Mitt Romney

    It’s time for conservatives to give Mitt Romney a long hard second look.

  • Political rope-a-dope

    It’s not unreasonable to ask how valuable the variously labeled liberal, Democratic or progressive agenda has been to black Americans…

  • Gun Review: A tale of two SIG P’s

    The name SIG SAUER has been synonymous with quality firearms for many years. Police agencies and elite military units carry a SIG handgun in their holsters. Even the US Navy SEALs picked the SIG pistol over all others as the | Read More »

  • They call these accomplishments?

    Obama wasn’t kidding when he promised to fundamentally transform America, and he has succeeded in doing so, to the everlasting detriment of the country.

  • Obama’s health care duplicity no longer debatable

    Many of us know that Obama’s drive for socialized medicine has nothing to do with reducing spending.

  • Compliant Americans

    What gives the government the authority to usurp parental authority?

  • Gun Review: Taurus 740

    Need an affordable, subcompact pistol chambered in a major caliber? Taurus claims to have your gun in the 740 SLIM. Introduced several years ago, the Taurus SLIM series of pistols are compact, polymer guns with a number of attractive features and a | Read More »

  • Big lies on Big Oil

    How much truth is there in President Obama’s latest favorite mantra that we consume a disproportionate share of the world’s oil?

  • It just ain’t so

    The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 2011 manufacturing output grew by 11 percent, to nearly $5 trillion…

  • Four interesting guns from SHOT Show 2012

    The annual Shooting Hunting and Outdoors Trade (SHOT) Show brings dealers, wholesalers and manufacturers together to do business.  For many gun enthusiasts, however, the SHOT Show is a sneak preview of what new guns will be rolling out later in | Read More »

  • Rush: At the tip of liberty’s spear

    If you’ll indulge me, I need to express this beyond my Twitter posts: I am proud of my brother, Rush…

  • The left, not social conservatives, threatens religious liberty

    No Republicans on the national political scene, including Rick Santorum, threaten our religious liberty.

  • Equality or inequality

    Rick Santorum’s recent speech at the Detroit Economic Club stirred up a bit of controversy.

  • Pistolet Makarova

    The Pistolet Makarova, or Makarov, was a Cold War pistol designed in the 1950s for the Soviet Union.   Nikolai Makarov, a Russian, developed the medium-powered handgun as a replacement for the aging Nagant revolver and a Tokarev pistol. The | Read More »

  • Christian conservatives guard religious liberty

    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution contains two clauses addressing religious liberty.

  • Giving with one hand and taking with the other

    So should we all be grateful that President Obama is just now coming out for a corporate tax rate cut?

  • NYNJ Port Authority airports run tourist gun grift

    Bloomberg and friends wage illegal war against law-abiding travelers for fun, profit an publicity.

  • Math matters

    If one manages to graduate from high school without the rudiments of algebra, geometry and trigonometry, there are certain relatively high-paying careers probably off-limits for life.

  • NYPD frisks, searches, violates civil liberties daily

    A troubling new trend has taken hold in New York City; frisking, searching and scanning takes place on a daily basis by the New York Police Department. Reports made by the New York Civil Liberties Union concluded that 684,330 people | Read More »

  • Review: Kahr CW9

    Affordable Single Stack 9mm Pistol for CCW The “perfect” concealed carry pistol is often a compromise of size, caliber and capacity.   Each shooter has to make his or her own decision on what they deem most important.   Fortunately, | Read More »