• Video Embed Test

    Test — test — test — test

  • The ‘Tin Lizzie’ rolls off the line for the last time

    This Day in History: You can have any color as long as it’s black

  • Our nation’s future

    Our nation is rapidly approaching a point from which there’s little chance to avoid a financial collapse.

  • Mossberg 464 SPX – Tactical Lever Rifle

    From the company that brought you the chainsaw shotgun, say hello to the new tactical lever gun. The Mossberg 464 SPX is a rifle ready for the zombie apocalypse. Available in .30-30 Win and .22 LR, the new tactical lever | Read More »

  • Obama and Leahy vs. Sir William Blackstone

    The Democratic ruling class has become so arrogant that it doesn’t even do a credible job of faking common-sense arguments.

  • Should black people tolerate this?

    Each year, roughly 7,000 blacks are murdered. Ninety-four percent of the time, the murderer is another black person.

  • The Springfield Armory: America’s gun history

    Massachusetts is a bit of a dichotomy. In a region rich in firearms history, the state has some of the most restrictive gun laws.  It was in Massachusetts where the shot “heard ‘round the world” was fired:  American colonials who | Read More »

  • Obama’s morbid vanity

    I recently came across Nathaniel Hawthorne’s haunting short story “Wakefield,” and I couldn’t help but notice similarities (and differences) between Wakefield and President Obama.

  • Should we obey all laws?

    Let’s think about whether all acts of Congress deserve our respect and obedience…

  • Smith & Wesson Shield

    Leading up to the 2012 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, Smith & Wesson began teasing to a new firearm they would be introducing. Nearly everyone guessed it would be some type of pistol built for concealed carry.  They were right. | Read More »

  • Obama is the extremist, not conservative talkers

    Some conservatives believe that other conservatives are damaging the cause of conservatism by dishonestly overstating their case against President Obama.

  • Time for Republicans to take the offensive

    Two very important things happened in politics this week.

  • Leftist Race-baiters

    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, in a recent debate with former Republican National Chairman Michael Steele, called the Republican Party the “grand wizard crowd.”

  • Gun Review: Charter Arms Pitbull

    The Charter Arms Pitbull is a bit of a revolver oddity.  It was designed specifically for rimless cartridges normally found in semi-automatic pistols. Most revolvers are designed for rimmed cartridges that allow the rounds to easily seat and extract from | Read More »

  • Truth is major obstacle to Obama’s re-election

    President Obama formally kicked off his re-election campaign in Richmond, Va., and Columbus, Ohio, Saturday, and his theme was certainly not, shall we say, “it’s morning again in America.”

  • America’s two-faced liberals

    Listening to the deceitful demagoguery of President Obama and Wall Street occupiers, you would naturally think of them as 99 percenters, but you’d be dead-wrong.

  • Obama is headed anywhere but forward

    You have to hand it to President Obama and his cabal of re-election strategists; they are masters of illusion.

  • Gun Review: Kahr CM9

    In recent years, the concealed carry market has largely driven the firearms industry.  Manufacturers have seen some of their greatest successes with small, compact firearms like the SIG SAUER P238 and Ruger LCP.  The current trend seems to be to | Read More »

  • Obama administration’s repeated abuses are extension of extreme liberalism

    These liberals are sure not only that their ideas and policies are more effective but also that they are morally imperative — and that conservative ideas and policies are not just ineffective but also woefully immoral.

  • Devious taxation

    It turns out that American taxpayers worked this year from Jan. 1 to April 17, 107 days, to earn enough money to pay their federal, state and local tax bills.