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  • Republican takeover ‘more and more assured’

    The Washington Post asserts that lucky breaks and the downfall of Tea Party candidates means a Republican takeover of the senate is nigh: The decision by Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.) not to seek election in November in the wake of a plagiarism scandal | Read More »

  • BP agent: Feds releasing murderers into U.S.

    BP agent: Feds releasing murderers into U.S.

    “Morale is at an all-time low right now.”

  • IRS has a dept. that monitors sermons

    The Becket Fund’s Executive Director, Kristina Arriaga, released the following message: Within the IRS, there is, no lie, a “Political Activities Referral Committee” unit that investigates whether preachers have said something from the pulpit in violation of the IRS rules regarding | Read More »

  • Will third party candidates ruin the GOP’s chances?

    The Republicans need to take over only six seats to win back control of the Senate from the Democrats, but according to, In a number of races, Republicans could fall short due to third party, especially Libertarian, challengers.” Mike | Read More »

  • Bloomberg: Every Senate seat matters

    Despite optimistic reports from several other media outlets, Bloomberg is still dubious concerning the GOP’s chances of regaining the senate this fall: Writes Jonathan Bernstein: A new estimate from Nate Silver gives Republicans a 60 percent chance of winning a Senate | Read More »

  • Will 2014 be a replay of 2010?

    Will 2014 be a replay of 2010?

    Some optimistic news regarding this fall’s senate elections.

  • ObamaCare architect’s ‘Tale of the Tapes’

    From American Commitment: Gruber Gate: ObamaCare Architect’s “Tale of the Tapes” Washington, D.C.—American Commitment, a national advocacy organization, is launching a hard-hitting campaign to expose ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber’s historic deception regarding the subsidies that were at the center of the | Read More »

  • Leading Dem calls those who lost healthcare coverage 'whiners'

    Leading Dem calls those who lost healthcare coverage ‘whiners’

    Republicans offer Keep Your Healthcare legislation.

  • WSJ: ‘Prospects brighten for GOP’

    The Wall Street Journal reports that “unexpectedly strong bids by several Republican candidates and President Barack Obama‘s continued sagging approval ratings are boosting GOP chances of capturing a Senate majority.” The Journal cites the Republicans’ “competitive bids for at least ten Senate | Read More »

  • Reasons the GOP should be optimistic/fearful

    Roll Call has compiled a list of reasons the Republicans should be optimistic about their chances for retaking the senate this fall. Among them is the fact that they have three almost seats guaranteed in South Dakota, West Virginia, and Montana. Reasons for pessimism involve | Read More »

  • Poll shows GOP’s chances at 60 percent

    With a showing as high as 86 percent, the Republicans’ chances of regaining the senate this fall have been fluctuating, but have so far remained on the higher end of 50 percent. The New York Times now places the likelihood at | Read More »

  • Planned Parenthood’s charges against pro-lifer dropped

    From the Thomas More Society: Thomas More Society Defends Sidewalk Counselor Arrested for Offering Water in 100° Heat (July 18, 2014 – Chicago) Yesterday, Planned Parenthood’s criminal charges against Kathy Thebo Forck were dismissed in Boone County Circuit Court.  Forck, a | Read More »

  • Rep. Huelskamp grills VA Sec. Gibson

    Rep. Huelskamp grills VA Sec. Gibson

    Holding those at fault accountable.

  • GA Repubs ready to choose nominee

    Republicans in Georgia have been fighting for months, but it’s finally time for them to choose their nominee for the senate run this fall. From the New York Times: Georgia Republicans on Tuesday will finally pick a Senate nominee, choosing | Read More »

  • Gov. Perry deploys troops to border

    Gov. Perry deploys troops to border

    When the government does nothing, Perry steps up.

  • Forecast gives GOP 86 percent chance of taking over senate

    According to the Washington Post‘s “Election Lab” forecast model, the Republicans have an 86 percent chance of winning back the senate in 2014. According to the Post: The updated forecast for the House is nothing surprising. In line with what we’ve previously | Read More »

  • Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin gets ten years

    Ex-mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, famous for his failures during the Bush years with Hurricane Katrina, has finally got what he’s had coming. From the Washington Examiner: NEW ORLEANS — Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was sentenced Wednesday to | Read More »

  • Gov. Pence urges Congress to block EPA regs

    STATE OF INDIANA Michael R. Pence OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Governor State House, Second Floor Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 July 9, 2014 Dear Members of the Indiana Congressional Delegation, As Congress begins to consider the fiscal year 2015 appropriations bills that | Read More »

  • GOP still favored for 2014

    According to Politico, the Republicans are closing in on a senate majority, come 2014: Republicans have more options. They’ve landed top recruits to take on first-term senators in New Hampshire and Colorado, nominated credible female candidates in open-seat contests in | Read More »

  • Video: Raymond Ibrahim discusses 'Islam's Protestant Reformation'

    Video: Raymond Ibrahim discusses ‘Islam’s Protestant Reformation’

    Islam must reform.