Mr. Cain is national chairman of the Media Research Center's Business & Media Institute. He is the former president and CEO of Godfather's Pizza, and currently CEO and president of T.H.E. New Voice, a business and leadership consulting company.
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  • How High Can You Stand for Your Taxes to Go?

    Democrats won’t go on TV to defend their sly plan: a $2-trillion tax increase.

  • Compassionate Conservatism Lost

    Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean, new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.), Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) and the media will portray the takeover as a repudiation of President Bush’s leadership on the war in Iraq. The public’s media-tinted perception | Read More »

  • More Economic Bull From Media Bears

    Twice as many negative stories | Read the study

  • A Letter from a Slave to an Illegal Alien

    Dear Illegal Alien, My ancestors were brought to this country in chains against their will, and sold and forced to work like common farm animals. They had to abide by the laws to stay alive. My ancestors endured abuse and | Read More »

  • Gas Prices and Political Hot Air

    The recent sharp increase in retail gas prices has once again caused some members of Congress to blame President Bush and criticize oil companies for gouging and profiteering. The politicians are revealing their own economic illiteracy, and they are deliberately | Read More »

  • Stop Lying About Tax Cuts

    Every good liberal will tell you that low tax rates cause tax revenues to drop, hurt the economy, benefit only the wealthy and cause skyrocketing budget deficits. A Wall Street Journal article last week blew a hole in those liberal | Read More »

  • End the $100 Billion Witch Hunt

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) claims in a February 2006 report that for every dollar spent chasing unpaid taxes, they can recover about $4 for federal coffers. To close the expected 2005 "tax gap," the IRS would have to spend | Read More »

  • Liberal Goal for America: Gutless Socialism

    The United States of America is drifting away from capitalism and its free-market foundations toward a gutless brand of socialism. Yet unlike the tyrannical dictators who ruled communist nations in the 20th Century, congressional liberals lack the guts to tell | Read More »

  • The Lies of Nancy Pelosi

    Flies at a picnic have no greater agenda than to disrupt our sunny day and try to spoil the potato salad. Fortunately, the annoying pests can be sent on their way with a little repellant. Congressional liberals, similarly devoid of | Read More »

  • Ownership: An Unalienable Right

    Time to let people realize their dreams and opportunities