Gary Hoitsma is managing associate at Carmen Group, a Washington, DC-based government relations firm.
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  • Lesson for ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiators: The Reagan-O’Neill 1982 tax hike

    Lesson for ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiators: The Reagan-O’Neill 1982 tax hike

    President Obama and Speaker Boehner would do well to remember the lessons of 1982. Like today, the president’s party controlled the Senate, while the party in opposition controlled only the House. Like today, the overriding public concern was about rising deficits and debt. Something had to be done.

  • Neil Armstrong: Making a mark on the 1960s

    He was the quintessential reluctant American hero – quiet, understated, humble — a team player perfectly positioned at the tip of the spear of America’s space program during the deepest throws of the Cold War. His extraordinary accomplishment – fulfilling | Read More »

  • Bush Right to Reject Tax Hike After Minnesota Bridge Collapse

    Gearing up for a knock-down fight over spending priorities with the Democrat-controlled Congress this fall, President Bush deserves applause for firmly rejecting knee-jerk calls for a new gas tax increase in the wake the recent deadly interstate bridge collapse in | Read More »

  • Texas Toll Road Plan Stirs Grassroots Protest

    Some conservatives question trade-offs of ‘privatization’

  • Reagan Team Celebrates ’76 Campaign

    YAF’s Reagan Ranch plays host to alumni gathering

  • ’76 Reagan Alumni to Meet in California

    Veterans of the 1976 Reagan presidential campaign will meet this weekend at the Reagan Ranch near Santa Barbara, Calif., to reminisce and celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s hard-fought primary battle with incumbent President Gerald Ford. While it was | Read More »

  • Remembering Reagan’s Big Win in Texas

    Few days are as memorable as May 1, 1976