Former presidential candidate Mr. Gary Bauer is president of American Values and chairman of the Campaign for Working Families.
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  • Obama’s China fumble

    Last week, President Obama was “spiking the football” in Afghanistan, and by week’s end his administration was performing the diplomatic equivalent of a fumbled snap in the case of blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng.

  • The separation of church and hate

    As night follows day, Mitt Romney’s ascension has been followed by escalating attacks from the left on every aspect of the candidate’s character and heritage, including his Mormon faith.

  • The distractor-in-chief

    President Obama has a unique capacity to draw the media’s attention away from the serious and significant and toward the trivial and tedious.

  • What Romney can do to rally Santorum voters

    After a long and bruising Republican primary season, two things are clear: Mitt Romney is the nominee but he is still having trouble closing the deal with many conservative voters.

  • Obama at war with the court

    President Obama is resorting to veiled threats against the Supreme Court as he attempts to surmount one more obstacle to the enactment of ObamaCare.

  • Where’s the outrage over Shawn Tyson?

    The case generated a lot of attention in the United Kingdom, and some headlines here. One place it didn’t seem to register was at the White House.

  • The Etch a Sketch presidency

    But, the Etch A Sketch metaphor more aptly applies to Barack Obama’s presidency.

  • Whose ‘war on women’?

    The left never tires of painting conservatives as domestic policy war mongers.

  • Obama exploits his kids to justify abortion extremism

    The Democratic machine will do everything to hammer home their extremist points.

  • Mitt’s Muddle

    Mitt Romney has devoted most of the last six years to running for president, but he still hasn’t won over conservative voters…

  • Fake scandals won’t stop Santorum

    Suddenly, an old speech by Rick Santorum about Satan and sin has generated a great deal of controversy…

  • ‘Contracepting’ a campaign

    The Democrats intend to make birth control a major theme of the 2012 election, especially if Rick Santorum is the Republican presidential nominee.

  • Obama’s totalitarian impulse

    In announcing his “accommodation” on Friday, President Obama talked about contraception as if it were one of our most basic human rights.

  • The abortion taint

    On Friday, the Komen Foundation backed down from an announcement days earlier that it would cut ties with Planned Parenthood.

  • Barack Obama: Our thin-skinned president

    Beneath the image of a supernaturally cool exterior lies a hyper-sensitive and bitter man.

  • The quiet triumph of life

    Already a morally bankrupt business, abortion has suffered significant political losses since 2010.

  • Healthy families key to healthy economy

    Rick Santorum is the only candidate discussing the core foundations of a strong economy.

  • Obama is winning the Republican primary

    GOPers’ short-sighted back-stabbing aids and abets a most vulnerable President.

  • Anyone But Ron Paul for President

    The radical isolationist’s extreme foreign policy agenda would imperil the U.S.

  • Denver Broncos Star Tim Tebow’s Scandalous Devotion to Christianity

    It’s a sad testament to our times that this stunning QB’s authentic faith so disturbs the cynical class.