Mr. Tucker is a Massachusetts-based freelance writer. He operates a blog called Notes from D.R.
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  • Could Marriage Issue Hurt GOP in ’08?

    Romney’s role in Mass. would be under microscope

  • Will GOP Be Ready for Obama Onslaught?

    Media are ready to rewrite history for Democrats

  • President Bush: One Like the Gipper?

    The media would like to have people think so

  • Liberals Will Argue GOP Has Abandoned Christian Values

    Expect this to be key issue in the 2008 campaign

  • If the Democrats Come Back, We’re on a Perilous Track

    With all the chatter in the mainstream press about conservative disillusionment with House and Senate Republicans and its potential effect on the 2006 midterm elections, has anyone stopped to think about how disastrous it would be if Democrats returned to | Read More »

  • The Da Vinci Bomb?

    Wouldn’t it be something if The Da Vinci Code became the Battlefield Earth of 2006? You may not remember, but there was intense pre-release anticipation for John Travolta‘s adaptation of L. Ron Hubbard‘s controversial bestseller. Battlefield was Travolta’s first foray into | Read More »

  • History Is Written By the Winners

    In all the controversy over the upcoming release of "United 93," one question has yet to be asked: as the decade draws to a close, what event will be seen as the defining moment of the 2000s: 9/11 or the | Read More »

  • The 15-Year Assault on Clarence Thomas

    This July marks the fifteenth anniversary of then-President George H. W. Bush’s nomination of Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice Thurgood Marshall. Thomas’ nomination was a historic moment, not only for the Right, but for | Read More »

  • The GOP’s Uphill Battle For the Black Vote

    Does Bill O’Reilly live in a fantasy world? Last Wednesday, during a Radio Factor broadcast, O’Reilly was criticized by a black caller who objected to his characterization of the culture war as a battle between "traditionalists" (i.e. those who support | Read More »

  • What Will The Left Do To Ben Domenech’s Replacement?

    I hope the hardcore lefties who went after former blogger Ben Domenech are finished gloating. Yes, thanks to liberal bloggers uncovering numerous instances of plagiarism, Domenech is gone from after less than a week. Yet how pathetic is | Read More »

  • The Left Outfoxes Itself

    Just when you thought certain factions of the left couldn’t get any more paranoid, along comes this: on March 17, the "progressive" website Media Matters for America attacked the Fox News Channel for its March 16 report on the beginning | Read More »

  • Roe v. Wade: Clearly Not Good for Business

    Pro-lifers often speak of the devastating effect that Roe v. Wade has had on American morality. The deaths of over forty million pre-born children, anti-abortion activists assert, has brought shame upon America, and compromises our status as "one nation under | Read More »

  • Real American

    This November marks the tenth anniversary of the passage of the California Civil Rights Initiative, also known as Proposition 209, a binding referendum banning public-sector quotas, preferences, and set-asides in the Golden State. 209’s victory was a shining moment in | Read More »

  • Mel Gibson’s Tremendous Passion

    Today is the second anniversary of the release of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, one of the most controversial, misunderstood, lambasted, graphic, and thought-provoking films of all-time. As you know, the film was beset by rumors of extreme | Read More »

  • Dubai-ous Distinction

    Is President Bush simply mentally exhausted? The idea that the rigors of the job were finally beginning to take its toll on Bush crossed many minds after he made the inexplicable decision to nominate Harriet Miers as Sandra Day O’Connor’s | Read More »

  • Leadership Capability: Condi Rice vs. The Angry Left

    A new Associated Press poll indicates that one-third of American blacks feel there is no black political figure of consequence in America. Of those who decided to "name names," fifteen percent said the country’s "most important black leader" is Jesse | Read More »

  • Why The Black Left Will Never ‘Set Aside’ Its Love For Bill Clinton

    For all the continuing controversy over President Jimmy Carter and Rev. Joseph Lowery’s decision to slander President Bush at Coretta Scott King’s funeral, there was relatively little attention paid to another abhorrent aspect of the event: the continued adulation that | Read More »

  • Was Martin Luther King a ‘Radical?’ Yes, He Was. Just Like Ronald Reagan

    Notes From D. R. During a February 9 Radio Factor monologue about the Democratic Party’s classless comportment during Coretta Scott King’s funeral, Bill O’Reilly objected to an editorial in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution which suggested that Martin Luther King and Coretta | Read More »

  • It’s Black Voters Who Have to Reach Out to the GOP

    Break On Through (To The Other Side) Notes From D. R. February 08, 2006 Today the Washington Post damned with faint praise President Bush’s decision to appear at Coretta Scott King’s funeral, implying that the visit was yet another well-intentioned | Read More »

  • Conspiracy Theory

    A question for liberals:   Do you believe that Osama bin Laden’s new tape is a fake?   If you do, that explains why so many people in this country have a problem with the Left’s approach to the War | Read More »