SEARCH ALL ARTICLES BY ggiles:'s creator and host Doug Giles is noted for his no-holds-barred political and ecclesiastical views and his vocal enthusiasm for big game hunting. His rowdy books are available on He's the dad of ACORN nutcracker Hannah Giles and NRA columnist and huntress Regis Giles.
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  • New Black Panther Party Turns to Music Videos to Spread Its Message!

    Music is a powerful medium, and King Samir Shabazz is using his musical abilities to spread his ill will toward whitey.

  • Hunting Brown Bears with Purple Hearts

    The bear we were pursuing wasn’t just any old bear but a massive, stonkin’ prehistoric toad.

  • To Compromise, or to Clash: That is the Question

    Compromises are cool when they involve music and movie choices, but not when it comes to America-crippling political policies, duh.