Doug Fabian is the editor of Successful Investing and High Monthly Income, and is the host of the syndicated radio show, "Doug Fabian's Wealth Strategies." Taking over the reigns from his dad, Dick Fabian, back in 1992, Doug has continued to uphold the reputation of the newsletter as the #1 risk-adjusted market timer as ranked by Hulbert’s Investment Digest. For more than 30 years, Successful Investing (formerly the Telephone Switch Newsletter) has produced double-digit annual gains. Doug has become known for his expert knowledge and timely use of innovative tools like Exchange Traded Funds, bear funds and Enhanced Index funds to profit in any market climate.
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  • Guggenheim Draws a Unique Portfolio Picture

    An exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider with a name more recognizable from the world of art, rather than investments, is Guggenheim.

  • Does the Fed Want a Correction?

    As most of us expected, the Fed announced today that it was tapering its bond-buying program by $10 billion per month; however, there was a significant change in the central bank’s forward guidance.

  • PowerShares Seeks to Boost Your Portfolio

    We introduce you today to exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider Invesco PowerShares, a company offering a wide range of investment options.

  • Will There Be a Spillover Effect?

    Given all of the geopolitical turmoil of late that’s rocked many of the biggest emerging markets in the world, it’s logical to ask ourselves if there will be a spillover effect — some call it “contagion” — here in the U.S. equity markets.

  • WisdomTree Grows Portfolios with Dividends

    We continue our examination of various exchange-traded fund (ETF) providers today by taking a look at WisdomTree. WisdomTree entered the ETF market in 2006 and is currently the fifth-largest provider of ETFs, with 62 funds.

  • Stocks Spike Back to the Front

    A huge down month for stocks in January was followed by a big rebound in February, and now it’s March, and the first two trading days of the month were reminiscent of the first two months.

  • Introducing First Trust

    As its name implies, First Trust offers a variety of trusts and funds, including unit trusts, variable annuities, closed-end funds, mutual funds, 401(k) and, yes, ETFs.

  • A Welcome Calm

    I’m actually welcoming the recent calm in stocks, as I think the pendulum swung a bit too much in both directions so far this year.

  • ProShares Offers Alternative Investments

    ETFs offer the chance to invest in a range of alternative investments other than traditional stocks and bonds, yet with the simplicity of buying and the transparency of pricing that is available in the stock market.

  • Behold the Commodities Bounce

    It’s not just the precious metals’ market segment that has been enjoying a bounce of late. The entire commodities sector has been on a tear.

  • Vanguard’s Low Fees Aid Your Returns

    Vanguard generally claims lower ETF expense ratios than its peers, aided by tapping tax-management strategies that normally are only used by conventional index funds.

  • A Dovish Yellen and a Dovish Congress Drive Stocks Higher

    Comments by Yellen indicating she was “surprised” by the weakness in the December employment report, and that despite seeing some improvement in the labor market, things weren’t yet back to “normal,” were widely read as “dovish.”

  • iShares Offers 600-Plus Dividend and Non-Dividend Funds

    iShares has more than 600 funds globally that give investors exposure to equities, fixed income and commodities.

  • The Dow Cracks Critical Support Level

    Monday’s steep 300-plus point drop in the Dow sent the most widely watched measure of the equity market plunging below its long-term support at the 200-day moving average.

  • ETF Talk: State Street Started It All

    What company pioneered the concept of trading a bundle of stocks in the form of a fund, as easily as buying a single stock?

  • You Are ‘Correct’ Sir

    You’ll definitely want to play the waiting game a bit longer to see if a full-blown correction takes place.

  • Covering the Commodities Sector

    While a baker may have opinions about the source of his grain or a rocket engineer may carefully choose a specific aluminum for her satellite housing, investors tend to see commodities as equivalent inputs for products.

  • Too Much Conviction in Consensus

    When it comes to a widespread consensus in the markets, I tend to get very nervous.

  • Metals are Not a Great Foundation for Your Portfolio

    DBB is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that offers a way to tap into the prospects of several key metals.

  • Where in the World to Invest

    After a couple of weeks of trading, things haven’t been as smooth for the equity markets as they were last year.