Doug Fabian is the editor of Successful Investing and High Monthly Income, and is the host of the syndicated radio show, "Doug Fabian's Wealth Strategies." Taking over the reigns from his dad, Dick Fabian, back in 1992, Doug has continued to uphold the reputation of the newsletter as the #1 risk-adjusted market timer as ranked by Hulbert’s Investment Digest. For more than 30 years, Successful Investing (formerly the Telephone Switch Newsletter) has produced double-digit annual gains. Doug has become known for his expert knowledge and timely use of innovative tools like Exchange Traded Funds, bear funds and Enhanced Index funds to profit in any market climate.
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  • Boxing in Potential Bond Profits

    LQD gives exposure to a range of domestic investment-grade corporate bonds, primarily to large and well-known companies.

  • The ‘New Normal’ Won’t Last

    We shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that somehow the recent market highs represent a “new normal” of sorts for the markets.

  • You Can Bank on This Financials Fund

    Companies in the financial sector include banks, real estate firms, investment fund providers, insurance companies and more.

  • MoneyShow Musings from the Front Lines

    The most dominant theme/takeaway for me this year is the apparent lack of investor exposure to international equities.

  • Learning to Appreciate Dividends

    The virtual guarantee of collecting a higher nominal return each year is intrinsically appealing, and companies that boost their dividends regularly can cultivate a clientele of investors who appreciate the income in return for deploying their capital with a proven performer.

  • Goldilocks in the Jobs Forest

    The biggest data point on tap this week came early Friday morning before the opening bell, and it was the “official” April employment report.

  • Just Another Low-Risk Bond Fund

    This week’s ETF Talk addresses another bond-focused exchange-traded fund (ETF), iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG).

  • Behold the April Commodities Surge

    Both oil and gold stocks were up huge last month, and now we need to watch these trends to see if and/or when they might start really affecting other markets.

  • The Numbers Don’t Lie

    Very few things in life are as irrefutable as numbers. Sure, statistics can be manipulated to support all sorts of claims (witness the political realm). But when it comes to pure numeric performance, well, the numbers don’t lie. This week, | Read More »

  • Bond Fund Offers Safer Haven

    One of the many uses of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is that they let investors conveniently and accessibly invest assets in markets that trade less frequently. In the search for stability, the bond market stands out as an obvious way to produce income | Read More »

  • Seeking Profits in Calmer Waters

    Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a great way to gain exposure to international assets and companies without having to pay big fees or jump through hoops for the privilege of owning foreign securities.

  • Under a Blood-Red Friday Sky

    Though bank earnings were on the whole solid, the real news this week was the huge sell-off on Friday.

  • Mid-Cap Fund Could be a Portfolio Centerpiece

    It is possible to strike a balance and choose companies that are not as risky as the smaller ones and still have plenty of room to grow their businesses by gaining market share or expanding internationally.

  • Look at the Fire-Breathing China Dragon!

    Stocks in China are hot, and I mean smoking hot, with HUGE gains during the past month.

  • Looking for a Bargain in Value Stocks

    Value investing involves selecting companies whose stock prices seem to be lower than expected, given their fundamental strength and the valuation of similar companies.

  • End of Q1, So What Should You Do?

    The first quarter of 2015 is in the books, and that means it’s time to take a critical look at your portfolio to make sure it’s serving your goals.

  • You Could House Your Money in This Fund

    Consistent followers of the ETF Talk will recognize this week’s return to the world of real estate investment trusts (REITs).

  • Bogle’s Bad Views on ETFs

    At the crux of Bogle’s criticism is that ETFs are too tradable, and that the ability to buy and sell ETFs so easily, and at any time of the day, makes them too tempting for investors to do the wrong thing by being too active with their money.

  • S&P Investing on the Cheap

    This week’s ETF Talk returns us to the realm of large American companies.

  • The Bull Stampedes in the China Shop

    While stocks in the United States enjoyed a strong week of Fed-induced upside, there was a much bigger bullish move this week in China.