Cynthia Grenier, and international film and theatre critic, is the former "Life" editor of the Washington Times and acted as senior editor at The World & I, a national monthly magazine, for six years
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  • Errant Son Morphs into Bush Speechwriter

    Latimer assumes a sassy voice to tell his story of how a boy from Flint, Mich., makes his way to writing speeches for George W. Bush.

  • ‘The Israel Test’

    Make no mistake about it. George Gilder’s latest book ‘The Israel Test’ is powerful.

  • Revisiting Montesquieu, Rousseau and Tocqueville

    Paul Rahe, a professor of history at Hillsdale College, is seriously concerned about the political malaise…

  • ‘Game Over’ for America’s Traditional Culture?

    “Shadow World” may well be one of the most disturbing works produced in recent years as regards our possible long-range future.

  • ‘Welcome To Obamaland’ Is A Wake-Up Call For Americans

    In ‘Obamaland,’ James Delingpole, a veteran of Tony Blair socialism, tells Americans what the next four years will look like under Obama.

  • New Film Canonizes Leftist Icon

    Currently playing in American theatres is a four-hour homage to the late Major Guevara titled simply, ‘Che.’

  • Tony Blankley Makes His Case for American Nationalism

    A review of Blankley’s new book “American Grit: What it Will Take to Survive and Win in the 21st Century”

  • Red Hot Lies About Global Warming

    With Obama’s recent election to the presidency, Christopher Horner’s latest book on global warming, ‘Red Hot Lies,’ is particularly relevant….

  • Stone’s Bush Film is Offensive

    Stone’s most recent film — W — is about as deeply offensive a portrait of a leader of the free world that may ever have been put on the screen.