Mr. Flickinger is the "dean" of Human Events U and founder of the Network of Campus Conservatives. He is a native of Pittsburgh, who graduated from Ohio University Scripps School of Journalism with specializations in political science and economics.


  • Job Opening at Boston College

    Are you an educator? Can you teach English? If so, then today’s your lucky day! Apparently, there’s an opening for an adjunct English professor at Boston College after a left-wing educator resigned his post in light of this year’s commencement | Read More »

  • Bush Delivers Spectacular Speech to Students

    President George W. Bush told graduates of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College that their perseverance after Hurricane Katrina was an inspiration. According to an article in the LA Times, Bush received "rousing applause" during his commencement speech to the more | Read More »

  • ‘Professors’ Author Sued By Professor

    David Horowitz, author of "The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America," is the target of a Stanford professor’s law suit. The Associated Press reports that Joel Beinin, a Middle East history professor, is "identified on a book cover | Read More »

  • College Honors Hardcore Rapper

    A prominent school of music is honoring one of "Gangsta Rap’s" icons. McNally Smith College of Music has just established the "Ice Cube Scholarship," according to All Hip Hop News. And, Ice, or Mr. Cube, was on hand for the | Read More »

  • Prof. Rebuffs Global Warming’s Impact

    Warmer water temperatures aren’t enough to explain the increase of strong hurricanes says a climate expert at the University of Virginia. "It is too simplistic to only implicate sea-surface temperatures in the dramatic increase in the number of major hurricanes," | Read More »

  • Students, Faculty Protest Condi’s Graduation Visit

    A small contingent of anti-war liberals at Boston College is upset Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is this year’s commencement speaker. On Monday, a group of 200 students and faculty members held a rally protest against the secretary’s visit, according | Read More »

  • Feminist Professor Exposed … Literally

    A California professor has been exposed … well, actually, she exposed herself (and with a smile). Dr. Diana York Blaine—a women’s studies professor at the University of Southern California—has decided to post topless photos of herself (warning: photos contain nudity) | Read More »

  • Students Want Graphic Art Exhibit in NYC Park

  • President Tells College Grads Not to ‘Wall America Off’

    President George W. Bush was welcomed with resounding cheers and a standing ovation at his first commencement speech of the year. The president spoke to college graduates at Oklahoma State University on Saturday about the numerous opportunities awaiting them and | Read More »

  • President Bush Gives Commencement Speech

    President George W. Bush will deliver the commencement speech at Oklahoma State University’’ graduation ceremony this weekend. According to KOCO-TV, "officials are making final preparations for the president’s arrival on Friday, working to make sure the visit and graduation ceremony | Read More »

  • Professor Whines About Gitmo Torture

    Torture is taking place behind the walls of the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba according to one New Jersey college professor. Professor Anna J. Brown — director of the social justice program at St. Peter’s College — says, | Read More »

  • Professor Predicts Potential U.S. Civil War

    American could face another civil war after the 2008 election according to a Harvard business professor. "I looked at the map of the last two elections and it looks a whole lot like the map of the U.S. just prior | Read More »

  • The Two Worst University Presidents

    This year’s award for the "the university president who does the most to look the other way when free speech is under assault on campus," is a tie. Conservative columnist John Leo bestowed the "2006 Sheldon Award" to Washington State | Read More »

  • Condi Causes Campus Commencement Controversy

    Students and teachers at Boston College are upset that the Secretary of State is this year’s commencement speaker and recipient of an honorary law degree.   According to The Boston Globe, two "leading theology professors circulated a letter opposing" Condoleezza | Read More »

  • College Speaker Urges ‘Department of Peace’

    A community college in Michigan welcomes an author who wants to form a "Department of Peace" within the United States government. Jackson Community College is co-sponsoring a speech by Marianne Williamson later this week where she’ll offer up her ideas | Read More »

  • Shocking Study: Professors Give Bush a Failing Grade

    President Bush is a failure according to most college history and political science professors across the nation. I’m shocked! The Siena College’s Research Institute’s study goes on to say that most of those professors surveyed doubt the president "has a | Read More »

  • Conservative Newspapers Circulate Across the Country

    What’s the latest trend on college campuses? Conservative student newspapers! Here are a few examples: Headline: Conservatives raise voice on campus At Rutgers College, conservatives and liberals both read "The Centurion" — a self-proclaimed conservative student publication — according to | Read More »

  • Professor: Intelligent Design is Religion Masquerading as Science

    A zoology professor at Oregon State University is against teaching intelligent design in public schools. Professor Stevan Arnold, an evolutionary biologist, tells the Gazette-Times that intelligent design is a dressed-up version of creationism. "It’s packaging religion as science. The scientific | Read More »

  • Brokaw on Campus

    Former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw lends his perspective to an audience at Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania. Brokaw, whose speech was titled "An Anchorman Looks at the World" described it as "a dialogue about the issues that concern | Read More »

  • Radical Hollywood Star Inspires College Play

    A Hollywood left-winger inspires a Kansas college to perform his "educational" play. Bethel College’s spring drama was "Dead Man Walking" — a 1995 film directed by Tim Robbins, which he later adapted to a stage play, according to a school press | Read More »