Mr. Evans is a former graduate student at the University of Colorado and former HUMAN EVENTS intern.
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  • Conservative Spotlight: Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation

    What do Christians and Jews have in common politically? For the sake of America’s future, the alliance is crucial, says Don Feder, who founded an organization called Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation (JAACD) earlier this year. Feder, a longtime journalist and | Read More »

  • Malkin Reminds Conservatives: ‘We are All Minutemen Now’

    Illegal immigration is putting our national security at risk, according to nationally syndicated columnist and author Michelle Malkin, who spoke last week at a Young America’s Foundation conference in Washington, D.C. Malkin said the U.S. was nowhere near where it | Read More »

  • Walter Williams Rails Against ‘Living Constitution’

    One of the justifications of government in a free society is to “promote fairness and justice,” said George Mason University professor Walter E. Williams last week at the National Conservative Student Conference sponsored by Young America’s Foundation. Most of what | Read More »

  • Moderate Democrats Make a Pitch for CAFTA

    A split has formed within the Democratic Party over the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), which has attracted the support of moderates in the party but faces stiff resistance from their liberal colleagues. The Senate passed CAFTA on June | Read More »

  • Conservative Spotlight: Life Education and Resource Network

    The Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN) is the largest African-American, evangelical, pro-life ministry in the United States. It is a coalition of black pro-life organizations and congregations that has grown since 1993 to represent 27 states. The Rev. Johnny | Read More »

  • Conservative Spotlight:, an informative website that not only defines the leftist movement but also identifies individuals and organizations that support and sustain it, explains in meticulous detail the labyrinth of avenues through which the left exerts its influence on society, as | Read More »

  • How to Help Our Troops

    Boost our military this Fourth of July

  • Iran Runoff Election Has Long-Term Implications

    Voters choose between two very dissimilar candidates

  • Listening to ‘Real Women’s Voices’

    Recently, an alliance of pro-life groups came together to sponsor the Real Women’s Voices Pro-Life Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. Their message was clear, "being pro-women means being pro-life." Several hundred women from organizations including: the National Right to Life | Read More »

  • The Rehabilitation of the University of Colorado

    Bringing on a conservative president was a much-needed step

  • Conservative Coalition Fights for Tax Reform

    Awareness of tax code problems increases support for change