Cork Graham is a modern-day buccaneer, author and high-end weapons instructor. His New York Times bestseller "The Bamboo Chest: An Adventure in Healing the Trauma of War" details his search for Captain Kidd's treasure in Vietnam and his arrest and jailing by Vietnamese officials, who assumed he was a spy. He is the publisher of "Global Counter Terrorism" and "Cork's Outdoors."
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  • A response to ‘Cork Graham is a CIA-faker’ (Part 3)

    A response to ‘Cork Graham is a CIA-faker’ (Part 3)

    In the third part of his response to critics, modern-day swashbuckler Cork Graham opens up about his paramilitary experiences and how he and others are trying to tell their stories.

  • A response to 'Cork Graham is a CIA-faker' (Part 2)

    A response to ‘Cork Graham is a CIA-faker’ (Part 2)

    Veterans of America’s secrets war in Central America have the same challenges as conventional veterans, but none of the recognition.

  • A response to 'Cork Graham is a CIA-faker' (Part 1)

    A response to ‘Cork Graham is a CIA-faker’ (Part 1)

    A veteran of America’s hot war in Central America answers the charge he faked his work for the CIA.

  • Benelli’s M4 matches well with the PDX1 Defender

    Benelli’s M4 matches well with the PDX1 Defender

    What makes the Benelli M4 such a winner is starting with gas-operated action that cycles through all types of rounds. This is the A.R.G.O Piston-Driven System. The acronym stands for Auto-Regulated Gas-Operated.

  • New BLACKHAWK!’s 'Versa-Harness'

    New BLACKHAWK!’s ‘Versa-Harness’

    With a design department in just about every tactical equipment manufacturing seemingly on amphetamines, cranking out a new product just as seemingly every day, it takes some effort to quickly recognize an item that stands above others. The Versa-Harness to be released this coming January at Shotshow, from BLACKHAWK!, is a perfect example of outstanding!

  • Marijuana Terrorism War on US Public Lands

    It’s a jungle out there—M14 points through a Mexican Cartel marijuana field in California. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 remind the United States not only of how we can be caught with our pants down, but also how sometimes we don’t | Read More »

  • Big Government Wildlife Meddling

    The goat killed by the mountain lion If the ranch owner had kept his windows open that night, he might have heard something. He awoke the next morning to find his goat dead. The mountain lion that had done it | Read More »

  • Compulsory Military Service the Answer?

    Joe Galloway speaking at the Marine’s Memorial Club At a Vietnam veterans memorial event in 2008 held at the San Francisco Marines’ Memorial Club, best-selling author and war correspondent Joe Galloway commented on how much better it would be for | Read More »

  • Can Air Rifles Improve Poor Marksmanship?

    A friend had been complaining about the ground squirrels in his horse pasture. Previously, population control duties were taken care of by resident red-tail hawks. Then, a couple kestrels setup shop and not only pushed out the hawks, but took | Read More »

  • Lady Liberty’s Torch Meant Only to Light the Way

    As the Statue of Liberty will close in October for a year of renovations, it will also be a time to review the foreign policies of the United States. Over the years, and most heavily within the last twenty-five years, policymakers in Washington have taken it upon themselves to say that the torch of Lady Liberty was meant to light fires of democracy in other areas of the world. In contrast, I’ve always thought the purpose of the Lady Liberty’s torch was to only stand as a beacon of democracy in the darkness.

  • Pack on Back, Boots on the Ground

    The Contra commander had told me the night before that we had to make what would be a hike totaling eight hours, to inspect another camp along the Honduran border. The problem was that my equipment hadn’t yet arrived, and | Read More »

  • Conversation Between Graham, Codevilla

    This is the conversation between Cork Graham and Prof. Angelo Codevilla on how the ruling class in America operates. Download Click here to subscribe to the Guns & Patriots podcast on iTunes! [Read the article by Cork Graham based on | Read More »

  • The Ruling Class Wants More Than Your Guns

      President Barack H. Obama Jr., with Rep. Nancy P. Pelosi, D-Calif., in the oval office   [Hear audio of the conversation between Graham and Prof. Codevilla: here.]   During an interview last week with Professor Angelo M. Codevilla, about | Read More »

  • Mr. President, Stop Feeding Your Best to the Wolves

    Stormoen left along with the SEALs. Stormoen was not at Abu Graib when the prisoner died. Repeat: he was out with the SEAL team that had captured al-Jamadhi. Secondly, the cause of death was not interrogation, but a blood clot.

  • MACV-SOG and the HUMINT and SIGINTConflict

    (Left Frame) Plaster ran two missions with Medal of Honor recipient Franklin D. Miller, top. Glenn Uemura stands beside Maj. Plaster and Chuck Hein kneels, front. (Right Frame) Plaster ran 22 top secret missions into Laos and Cambodia. Courtesy Maj. | Read More »

  • Graham speaks with retired Army Maj. John Plaster

    Cork Graham Listen here to Graham’s conversation with retired Army Maj. John Plaster, author of “The Ultimate Sniper,” and a veteran operator of the Special Observation Group during the Vietnam War. Download Click here to subscribe to the Guns & | Read More »

  • Welcome to America!

    Author Cork Graham evaluating the recoil-reducing BLACKHAWK! Knoxx SPECOPS Stock on a Remington 870 12 ga. Photo courtesy of Cork Graham People who know, know that there’s a special spot in my heart for the state of Montana. With some | Read More »

  • Rambo Days and the MIAs

    Excerpt: By the time I made it back up to the surface and saw them still firing at one of the other long boats, slowly spinning like a propeller because of a dead Hmong slumped over the tiller of its idling motor, I had drifted clear. That’s when I heard the low pleas for help from a young 13-year-old I had earlier befriended.
    When I got to him, I tried to keep his head out of water, and that’s when I realized one of the bullets had unzipped the front of him. Gingerly trying to keep more of his entrails from spilling out, I swam with him back to Thailand.

  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Excerpt: “While we were doing our best to stay alive, out at the heliport, the Gs shot pilots as they tried to get to their helicopters and take off. Then, the Gs destroyed the aircraft with explosives the Sandinistas had smuggled in from Nicaragua over the previous months, on the Pan-American Highway, in secret compartments of benign-looking freight trucks. So much for immediate air support.”

  • Hollywood Needs to Man Up

    Actors Gary Graham, Adam Baldwin and author Cork Graham supporting combat veterans at the 2010 Stars and Stripes Foundation Celebrity Shoot in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Cork Graham When I learn a friend is going to war, I tell | Read More »