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Major Gen. Jerry R. Curry (US Army Ret.), Ph.D. is a decorated combat veteran, Army Aviator, Paratrooper and Ranger who has served his country both in the military and as a Presidential appointee in three administrations. He is also the author of From Private to General (Believe Books). Like this article? Get the latest Guns & Patriots delivered to your email every Tuesday. Sign up here - it's free!
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  • A day in the life of a veteran

    A day in the life of a veteran

    It was the spring of ’71 and Capt. Larry McNamara, one of my advisors to the South Vietnamese Army, and I were sitting across from each other on a hot, sparsely covered jungle hillside sipping bitter Vietnamese tea.

  • Leadership, Leadership, Leadership

    The motto of the U.S. Army’s Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia is “Follow Me!” The school majors in LEADERSHIP, LEADERSHIP, and LEADERSHIP. Erected in front of its headquarters building is a statue of an infantry leader caught in mid-stride | Read More »

  • Fighting for Freedom

    How many American lives is a worn copy of a Quran worth? If a Muslim writes in a Quran and tears out its pages its fine. If an American burns that same Koran it’s a crime punishable by death in | Read More »

  • Iraq Status of Forces Agreement

    President Obama is simply using, for political purposes, Iraq’s saying "NO" to the extension of the Status of Forces Immunity Agreement as a convenient excuse to cover his withdrawal of U.S. Forces from Iraq. Prime Minister Maliki, who is left holding the bag, should learn to be careful what he asks for. He just may get it.

  • The Occupiers

    One day the media will awaken and discover that for the most part the Occupiers do not share the Tea Party’s peaceful protest motivations. Rather, they are radical political fanatics who want to seize control of our American democracy.

  • It’s Their Country

    Iraq and Afghanistan: There are as many different opinions and suggestions as to when to pull out as there are military experts. Much depends on what we hope to accomplish and by when. Personally, I think American history illuminates a clear path for us to follow.

  • Leadership Fraught with Compromise


  • Energy–Key to a Resurgent America

    Let’s get one thing straight right from the beginning. The environment was made to support mankind; mankind was not made to support the environment. Is that clear? The mating habits of a snail darter fish or other member of the | Read More »

  • When in Doubt Give Offense

    Because of fear of offending those Muslims who are not offended by beheadings and terrorists flying jetliners into World Trade Center buildings, our President, politicians and bureaucrats refuse to truthfully define to the American people what the Omar Ahmads and the magnitude of the Islamic problem is really about. They forget that it isn’t possible to deal with a cancer until it is diagnosed as cancer.

  • Defining the Force and Mission

    The fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya is causing our civilian and military leaders to  review and reassess the involvement of American military forces in insurgencies and guerrilla warfare and more clearly determine what should be the role of the | Read More »

  • Mrs. Curry’s Fourth of July

    Excerpt: “This was a transition area where rice paddies gave way to suburbs and concrete block warehouses and manufacturing buildings. Beyond that area farmer’s houses squatted hard against each other to make as much room as possible for rice paddy planting. Along the main streets of Pusan the inhabitants of the few building wired for electricity gratefully turned on their lights, most just lit candles and kerosene lanterns.”

  • The Spirit of the Buffalo Soldier

    Writing in the 1800s Poet and Publisher Josiah Gilbert Holland said, “A time like this demands strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands … men who possess opinions and a will … men who will not lie.” To | Read More »

  • True Americans

    Islam is an ideology masquerading as a religion, protected in this country by political correctness run amuck, pretending that Islamic Sharia law is superior to United State’s constitutional law, its radicals hiding behind its moderates, moderates who do not endorse | Read More »

  • To Strike Or Not To Strike

    To him leadership came naturally, he simply stepped up and others followed, without drawn out discussion or question, as though it was destined from before time began that, for over thirty years,  my father, Jesse Aaron Curry, would wear the | Read More »

  • Jews, Blacks, Planned Parenthood and Euthanasia

    Black women queuing up and climbing into the stirrups mounted on Planned Parenthood’s abortion tables, much like Jewish women lining up and meekly shuffling along to Hitler’s concentration camp’s gas ovens in the early 1940s, holding their children by the | Read More »

  • And Lead Us Not Into Temptation, But Deliver Us From Bad Government

    It is time for the President, the governors of the fifty states, the U.S. Congress and state legislatures to speak the whole truth, or at least acknowledge it. Only a fool would deny that America’s national debt is not only | Read More »

  • “Major Curry, This Came In Today From Saigon”

    The 220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company was organized on April 15, 1965 at Fort Lewis, Washington. I was its first commander. By Herculean efforts we requisitioned all necessary equipment then packed and delivered it to the docks at Tacoma, Washington, for | Read More »

  • Will Obama Betray The Egyptian People?

    The democratic revolution in Egypt started a few weeks ago when its people rose up in secular protest demanding change and reform of their government and way of life.  But the confrontation quickly transitioned into chaos and a vicious and | Read More »

  • It’s Not the Economy Stupid, It’s President Obama

    By the time President Obama finished giving his State of the Union message, he had failed leadership 101 and convinced the nation that he is incapable of successfully leading it, especially in a time of crisis. He was afforded a | Read More »

  • Obama Fails To Heal Nation When It Is Needed Most

    Senator McCain got it wrong in his January 16th Washington Post editorial when he enthused that President Obama’s Tucson speech was admirable. No doubt his remarks were well-intentioned and I think they were well received by most of us, but | Read More »