Catherine Moy is a nationally recognized award-winning journalist and coauthor of “America Mourning: A story of two families.”
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  • California Referenda Today

    Voters will hand a message to the unpopular politicians in Sacramento.

  • Move America Forward Telethon Today

    HUMAN EVENTS helps sponsor troop support event.

  • Code Pink ‘Bundles’ for Barack

    The co-founder of the radical anti-war group Code Pink has ‘bundled’ more than $50,000 for Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

  • Why Didn’t Berkeley Police Defend Pro-Troop Demonstrators?

    A legal investigation is now underway.

  • Code Pink Strikes at Pro-Troops Event — Again

    Move America Forward (MAF) released their anticipated “Sedition Report” Friday and anti-war activists weren’t happy.

  • Move America Forward’s Takes Action Against ‘Counter-Recruitment’

    A report and commercial released today focus on the increasing attacks on recruiting centers nationwide.

  • Wounded Marine Conquers Berkeley

    Berkeley anti-Marine protestors’ sick battle continues but not without a fight.

  • Iraq’s Progress, Safety and Blessing

    If terrorists fall in Iraq and nobody hears them, do they still make a sound?

  • Showdown at Berkeley

    After members of anti-war group Code Pink defaced a Marine recruiting office in Berkeley, Move America Forward gathered pro-troop supporters to counter their movement

  • Moving America (Bi-Partisanly) Forward

    President John F. Kennedy, a World War II hero, would be sickened by the Democrats’ attack on our pro-troops organization.

  • Petraeus’s Protestors

    Plans to converge on Washington D.C. just prior to the release of Petraeus’s report swarm the ether. The anti-war folks and their "losing" compatriots plan a big die-in

  • The Party of Cindy (Sheehan)

    The left-wingers of the left coast may face some interesting moral decisions if Sheehan takes on Pelosi. Consider the Catholic vote…

  • Please Ask, Do Tell

    Democrats and their allies have a new symbol in their battle against America’s war on Muslim Jihadists: the rainbow flag of the gay movement. The white flag of surrender apparently was not sufficient. So the Democrats have raised the rainbow | Read More »

  • Help Wanted: Peace Mom Replacement

    With the “retirement” of Cindy Sheehan as the face of the anti-war movement, activists are on the hunt for a new mascot

  • Sheehan’s Memorial Day Resignation

    Cindy will see that a seriously wounded mother can survive in America, which has the best citizens in the world

  • Melanie Morgan and the PBS Saga

    Two weeks after PBS’s "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" reportedly banned pro-troops activist Melanie Morgan from its show and conservative outrage hit a peak, the publicly- funded organization said there is no such ban. “She is not banned, said Rob | Read More »

  • MAF Takes it To Pelosi in Protest

    Move America Forward protestors refuse to accept Pelosi and Reid’s “retreat-and-defeat” policies in the war on terror

  • Media Matters: Defaming Journalists, Getting Sued

    A controversial journalist and Republican activist has sued the left-wing Media Matters for America and its founder, David Brock, for slander and invasion of privacy, claiming the nonprofit is a, “hate machine organized and orchestrated to smear conservatives and Republicans | Read More »

  • Matthews and Olbermann Unfair Choices for Debate

    If the historical Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 set the gold standard for campaign face-offs, last week’s Republican chat-fest looked like mass assisted suicide

  • Media Matters’ Birthday Suit: Exposing the Distortion

    David Brock ‘s henchmen pass three years of spurious spewing in a campaign to silence conservatives